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Why We Use Texture in Web Design

Texture is now an essential way to add depth to a Web design. It can guide the reader’s eyes and bring focus to key elements. At Fahrenheit Marketing, our expert Web designers like to use it for two main reasons:

1. Grab attention

Texture can separate content from the rest of the site and draw the reader’s eyes to specific images. It needs to be used in moderation, though, for the most impact. Through the contrast that texture gives, we can highlight key headlines and content, so it’s easier for the reader to see them and learn more about our client.
We always want to get visitors on our clients’ sites to eventually click on the call to action features. A clean call to action button can be set against a textured background or a textured call to action can be set against a clean background. This contrast helps the call to action stand out so the visitor will more likely click on it.

2. Connect with a brand

Our clients want their users to identify with their brand and have it become familiar to them. Through texture we can highlight our clients logos and make them pop out from the rest of the page. Using texture well makes the brand look more professional and authentic. It adds that extra zing that makes our clients stand out from their competition.
Here are some examples of sites that use texture well to grab attention and help users to connect with brands:

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