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Follow Friday: Web Designers

In this week’s Follow Friday, we are sharing some of the Web designers and resources Fahrenheit’s talented Web designers follow. Here are our top five Web designers who educate and inspire us:

1. Vitaly Friedman (@smashingmag)

Vitaly Friedman is the editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine, which is an online magazine for Web designers and developers. We love reading his tweets, which share helpful, hip Web design articles and tips.

2. Chris Spooner (@chrisspooner)

Chris Spooner says he is a creative designer, avid blogger and is crazy about pretty colors and shapes. His Twitter stream is so full of informative Web design talk that we wonder if he ever stops thinking about Web design.

3. Brian McDaniel (@bkmacdaddy)

bkmacdaddy designs focuses on creating custom WordPress websites, Facebook pages and Twitter backgrounds. We savor the wide range of articles he shares that keep us up on the Web design industry.

4. Christopher Murphey and Nicklass Persson (@standardistas)

These two are interactive design lecturers at the University of Ulster. Their Twitter profile says it all: “Two tweed-clad gentlemen based in Belfast, we write about design, Web standards and assorted miscellany in a daily periodical you might enjoy reading.” We always learn something new after reading their well-researched and written articles.

5. My Modern Metropolis (@mymodernmet)

We love to get inspiration from My Modern Metropolis. It’s a site full of amazing photography and art that fellow artists and designers share to spark creativity. If we ever get a creative block, we just peruse their Twitter stream and new ideas start to flood in.

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