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Smart Phones Outsell PCs for the First Time Ever

Smart phones are now outselling PCs according to fourth quarter shipping data. In the last three months of 2010, manufacturers shipped 100.9 million smart phones compared to 92.1 million computers. Smart phone shipments were up 87 percent year-over-year while PC shipments only posted a 3 percent increase. PC shipments have been affected by the growth of tablets and while increases can also be tied to the fact that consumers replace phones faster than computers.
While phones and computers have traditionally served different needs, the convergence of technology now allows phones to use applications and browse the web while computers can now make calls using programs like Skype. Businesses, especially those that are location based, need to recognize that more and more mobile visitors are accessing their sites and having flash intros or designs that don’t display well on can cost you customers from poor user experiences.
Mobile marketing presents a great opportunity for businesses through apps, mobile friendly designs and local search. Fahrenheit can design a custom mobile marketing approach and provide application development. Contact us for more information.