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Google+ Pages Growing at a Slow but Steady Rate

BrightEdge recently released data comparing brand adoption among Facebook and Google+. BrightEdge found that of the top 100 brands in the United States, 61% of them have created Google+ pages in the short amount of time they have been available. Facebook currently has a large lead on Google+, with 93% of the top 100 brands having Facebook pages.
Regardless, the adoption rate of Google+ pages is a notable achievement. With the possibility that Google+ could become one of the leading social media vehicles, many brands are lining up to establish themselves on the site. BrightEdge reported that Google currently has the largest fan following on Google+ Pages, with 65,000 fans. This number pales in comparison to the dozens of brands on Facebook with over 1 million fans. Many brands on Google+ Pages are having a difficult time accruing large numbers of fans. A great example of this is the Ford company. Although Ford currently has roughly 5 million fans on Facebook, the company only has around 27,000 fans on Google+.
The future of Google+ is still uncertain. As of now, it is difficult to say whether this new social platform will continue gaining momentum. Hitwise recently reported that Google+ had its third largest week since the launch of the website. This data indicates that perhaps Google+ growth has just begun.