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5 Tips For Digital Marketing ECommerce

Life online is busy. Online businesses should be talking to their audiences, creating awareness, and staying front of mind to bolster their eCommerce efforts. Digital marketing helps them do just that, by prioritizing their customers and connecting with them in a genuine and honest way. While you don’t have to have the Best eCommerce Platform to have your store thrive online, these 5 digital marketing tips for eCommerce will drive results for your shop in no time.
An image shows three drawn icons nested within yellow hexagons, representing a hamburger, an order of french fries, and a beverage. Arrows point from each to the others connect the three hexagons.

Cross-Selling in ECommerce

Cross-Selling in eCommerce stores is a key strategy for increasing the value of your customer’s purchase. Your online store will benefit from increased cart sizes and an increase in user satisfaction as you anticipate your website visitors’ needs. By understanding what a customer wants, you can determine which strategies to use to maximize sales.

“Successful cross-selling strategies depend on identifying what a customer already wants.”

Cross-selling is putting yourself in the mind of your customers and asking what additional products or services might go well with the purchase they are considering. One of the most common examples of cross-selling is the McDonald’s cashier offering customers buying a hamburger if they would like the side of french fries and a beverage. It meets an anticipated need BEFORE the need occurs.

Additionally, it’s an effective way to increase the average order value of a product. By adding upsells at strategic points throughout the buying process, you can increase order size. A thoughtful, no-pressure cross-sell shows connection with your audience and may lead to higher conversion rates.

In eCommerce, cross-selling strategies are commonplace. Product pages often feature complimentary items, and you can even email them to your customers. Tagging complimentary items in your catalog allows you to seamlessly offer a shopping experience that consumers are accustomed to. They will appreciate your awareness of their needs.

By talking to your customers (even virtually), you will inform them of additional products they may like. Automated programs within eCommerce platforms can have this conversation 24/7 by connecting with customers in small but impactful ways.

It’s important to use a variety of different strategies when targeting your audience.  Cross-selling, when done well, increases customer lifetime value, boosts customer satisfaction, loyalty, and improves your bottom line.

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ECommerce Thrives on Email Marketing

Email marketing requires subtle messaging that grabs the attention of customers. Design too is important for establishing your brand. While many think sending an email is enough, there is more to this medium. However, when you do it well, your business will be rewarded with High User Engagement, Increased Brand Loyalty, and Valuable Information about your website audience.

The subject line, the first thing they see, should pique their curiosity. Attempt to tease them and ask them questions to start a conversation and encourage them to open your message. Avoid using off-putting words in the subject line, which can reduce your open rate by up to 50%. Your subject line must be easy to read, concise, and well-structured. This will naturally draw your readers to your call to action.

“Email marketing is an excellent way to turn one-time buyers into loyal, repeat buyers and fans.”

The design of your email is just as important as the content. It should portray your company’s personality and values. Avoid cluttering your email with images, as this can damage your deliverability. Use images sparingly and make sure they aren’t too large.

Another benefit of digital marketing is that it gives you a wealth of information about your customers. By tracking social media and website analytics, you can learn which products and topics your customers are most interested in. Lead forms and email lookup tools are also helpful for gathering basic customer information. Automated marketing tools can guide your customers through the marketing funnel and keep you front-of-mind.

Personalized emails have high open rates and a 122% return on investment. Birthday emails generate 342% more revenue than emails sent to random people.

Email is a powerful digital marketing tool, but many businesses are missing out on its full potential. Email marketing is the most effective way to reach customers. Email marketing is an excellent way to turn one-time buyers into loyal, repeat buyers and fans. With over 319 billion people emailing daily, email is still one of the 5 digital marketing tips for eCommerce.
an image of a smartphone shows a text message marketing offer

Increase Cart Size with Text Message (SMS) Marketing

Businesses can incorporate SMS marketing into their eCommerce marketing strategy to build a relationship with customers and increase sales frequency and cart size. Compared to traditional forms of marketing, SMS messages are:

  • Faster

  • More Personal

  • Wider Reaching

  • Higher Engagement

  • Creates Urgency

  • Builds Your Brand

  • Allows For Two-Way Communication

  • Gathers Data

Text (SMS) messaging is more convenient, faster, and more personal than traditional forms of marketing, including email and phone calls. SMS marketing is an easy way to get started building your relationship with your customers. Subscribers feel that the messages are more sincere than a traditional marketing campaign.  You can also use SMS marketing to build customer loyalty by sending freebies to your customers, especially those who sign up for your email list.

SMS messages have a high open and response rate, making them a viable option for any company’s marketing strategy. It encourages customer engagement and builds a sense of urgency.

SMS messages are useful for a number of purposes, including brand building, delivery notification, and two-way communication. It is also inexpensive when compared to other forms of marketing. You can easily acquire customer phone numbers using different methods.

“It encourages customer engagement and builds a sense of urgency. “

However, SMS messages can be difficult to manage if you don’t understand how to set them up correctly. You can hire an agency to handle your SMS marketing campaign for you. They will use proven marketing strategies and help you find the right tools and technology to achieve your business’s goals.
An image of a laptop with fingers working the keyboard, shows a screen from Canva with many social media platform designs to be built.

Build Awareness On Social Media

Building brand loyalty and awareness on social media is critical to your overall business strategy. Increasing visibility is crucial to gain new followers, but building trust is equally important. By leveraging the power of social media, you can create long-term advocates who will recommend your brand to friends and family.

You can start building brand awareness on social media by becoming familiar with general social media usage.  Focus your energy on publishing content where your target audience spends the most time on Social Media. The best way to get your message across to your target audience is to be consistent and sustainable.

“Useful and relevant content is more engaging than anything else.”

Take the time to craft your tone and voice. Using the right tone and voice will set the stage for a successful brand awareness campaign. Here are a few tips to create the perfect social media presence.

To maximize your reach, research the culture of the country where you want to target. Find out what characters are ideal, what image size is best, and when the best time to post content.  Also, create bespoke content for each social media platform with tools such as Canva and Biteable.

Create compelling visual content. Use stock photos and GIFs to create a visual element to your posts. Remember, high-quality production is not always the best.  If you don’t have the time to create quality content, it might be better to invest in a content marketing tool that will help you create more content.

Make sure your message is relevant to your audience and makes them want to learn more about you. Useful and relevant content is more engaging than anything else.

While promotion used to be a powerful tactic for brand loyalty, today’s consumers are more discerning and have higher expectations. Therefore, building a relationship-based brand on social media requires more effort and commitment.

an image of a computer screen displays a video tutorial on a product, in this case, highlighting the value of video in eCommerce marketing.

Leverage Video to Build Awareness for your Online Store

When it comes to your business’s marketing strategy, using video content is an invaluable asset.  It’s no secret video drives higher engagement than other forms of content, but it also can boost your overall conversion rate. By using video content to reach each stage of the marketing lifecycle, you can boost your business’s numbers in a variety of ways.

Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram allow for video ads to be posted as a standard post.  Videos posted on Instagram can be leveraged across multiple channels. This type of advertising is great for brand awareness, and works well with image-focused social media like Instagram. YouTube ads are a great example of how to use video in digital marketing. You can also repurpose an existing video campaign with Google ads.

“Video drives higher engagement than other forms of content and can boost your overall conversion rate.”

The benefits of using video on social media don’t end there, though.After you have transcribed the video, you can use the transcript in other marketing channels. Use it as the basis of a longer article, an email, or other type of marketing content. If you’d like to maximize your video’s impact, try incorporating a lead capture form. This will increase your conversion rate by 35 to 45 percent. This type of form will also guide viewers through the buyer’s journey.


If the goal of digital marketing for eCommerce is to talk to, create awareness, stay front of mind, OR prioritize and connect with customers, these five tips will help. Utilizing the ability of artificial intelligence to suggest additional items to customers enhances their experience and brings value to the sale. Email marketing can give you a wealth of information about your customers as they progress through the marketing funnel. Text messaging allows for two-way communication and creates urgency. Social media allows for targeted, relevant messages to your audience. Video has high engagement and can be reused in multiple ways. Used together, these five ecommerce tips can improve your business.