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Google Chrome On The Rise

2011 has been one of tremendous growth for Google Chrome as its market share continually makes gains on browser giants such as Firefox and Internet Explorer.  Under the assumption that these trends continue, StatCounter predicts that Chrome will become the second most used browser by this upcoming December.
Google Chrome began the year with a modest 15.6% global share but has quickly grown to a 23.6% share, in the last 9 months. Of course, this 8% increase has been at the expense of IE and Firefox each suffering a 4% global share loss.
Although Chrome is growing in popularity, Computer World has statistics that show Chrome at a lower user level than both Firefox and IE. Even so, these statistics still show Chrome growing as both IE and Firefox are declining in global share. Net Applications predicts that Chrome can still be expected to surpass Firefox by the middle of 2012.
Chrome has recently run into a few obstacles with the Microsoft Security Essentials and Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Security systems. These programs had a glitch that erased Google Chrome from several users’ computers, without authorization. ¬†Several hundred users have reported the problem, however, the full magnitude of this error is still unknown. Microsoft claims that this bug was in no way intentional, and has since then released a fix for this problem. Google has also released a fix as well, in which users can manually resolve this issue themselves to counter this Microsoft glitch.