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Pinterest Marketing Tips for Beginners

You’ve probably heard a lot about Pinterest over the last year, and rightfully so: 15 percent of adult Internet users in the United States have an account on the service. With that many active users, it’s time to start thinking about promoting your business on the network.
If you’ve never used Pinterest before, you’ll need a few tips. Here are ours:

  • Plan your promotions with the users in mind. Pinterest’s user base is overwhelmingly white, female and affluent, so make sure what you do on Pinterest appeals to that demographic. If it doesn’t, your time would probably be better used somewhere else.
  • Don’t post a bunch of self-promotional pins. Your goal on Pinterest should be to provide some value for your followers, and that’s hard to do when you only pin links to your website. A few self-promotional pins are fine, just make sure that it adds value for your followers and don’t go overboard.
  • Choose the pictures you pin carefully. Pinterest is all about the visuals, so choose pictures that will catch your target customers’ eyes and earn you a repin.
  • It’s important to SEO your profile and pins, too. Use keywords in your bio, your board descriptions and even the descriptions that your pins use so your pins will come up when users search for topics relevant to you.

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