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Google Adds More Details About +1 at Google I/O

Google recently announced new details about their +1 button. Here are some of the highlights:
– Full implementation is just weeks away. Soon the button will begin popping up on your favorite sites and can be easily implemented on your own as well
– To generate a +1 button for your site, they will have a generator allowing you to specify aspects from size to adding post click functions
– Google will provide analytics for +1 actions in your Google Webmaster account. Stats will begin showing up once you reach a certain level of activity
– The analytics appear to be robust with organic CTR tracking and CTR comparisons for specific URLs
– Analytics (in their demo) included demographic data on who +1’s your content with age, gender and location
If you would like more information, check out Danny Sullivan’s post from Google I/O or sign up with Google to receive notifications about the new service.