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Happy PPC Spending Over the Holidays

As the holidays approach, so do more marketing opportunities as consumers begin their buying frenzies. A recent article about making good investments in PPC spending over the holidays aimed to remind everyone that PPC analysts should make sure their clients are getting the most for their money, especially during the holiday season.

The article recommended looking at competitors’ PPC data during the holiday season to determine if you should push new products or not. There are different tools we use to look at this data, such as SEMrush, which helps us analyze your competitors moves by looking at the proportional increase or decrease of advertising PPC budget that your competitor is allocating for their new products.

We can use this tool to see if your competitor is adjusting their budget and if they are bidding on a product keyword or not. This helps us try to determine why they may be bidding on that certain keyword and if we need to make adjustments as well.

If your competitor is spending more on a product that you aren’t selling and less on one that you do, then the article recommends that your company begin selling it so that you can take advantage of your competitor’s success.

It takes time and experience to analyze your competitor’s strategies and make the right PPC spending decisions for your company. To ensure that your company is getting the most out of your PPC campaign, especially as the holidays approach, contact Fahrenheit Marketing today and learn more about how our PPC strategies can help your company grow.