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What is PPC?

About Pay-Per-Click

PPC, also known as Pay-Per-Click, is an online advertising model. It works like this: a business will put up an ad on a website. Every time a reader clicks on the ad, the business will get charged a set fee. Essentially, the business is getting advertising exposure to, but is only paying for every click through they get.

How does PPC work?

Most often, PPC is used as a method of search engine marketing. Businesses can get their ad displayed on search engines like Google by bidding on search keywords. For example, a lawn sprinkler company may want to bid on “below-ground lawn sprinklers” or something like that. This way a business’s advertisement will be targeted to their preferred audience.

So what keywords should I use?

Keywords are perhaps the most important part of PPC because they are what your ad-based web traffic comes from. Consumers won’t be able to see your ad if you don’t have the right keywords in place that represent your business. Here are a few tips on coming up with the right keywords:

  • Think about some lesser-known keywords that will represent your business well. Lesser-known or unpopular keywords will cost less but still buy you traffic from a unique niche of consumers. An example for the lawn sprinkler company would be “Texas drought solutions”.
  • Don’t get too weird with your keywords, though. You still want them to be relevant to your business and brand.
  • Don’t think that you’ll set your keywords once and be done with it. It’s very important to routinely review your keywords, adding new ones and removing poorly-performing ones.

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