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Fahrenheit Tool Profile: SEOmoz

An online marketing tool we couldn’t live without is SEOmoz. We use it everyday to keep track of how our clients are doing and how we can help them convert even more clicks into customers. Here are the three reasons we love SEOmoz so much:

Weekly Crawls and Rank Tracking

Since we have a wide-range of clients, we need to make sure we are giving valuable time to each one. SEOmoz helps us do that by crawling all our clients sites and making us aware of any issues that might affect each client’s performance. It also keeps track of keyword ranking for each client so we can quickly know if we need to change things or keep them going.

Open Site Explorer

Through this feature, we gain access to a proprietary Web index of over 9.2 trillion links. This link data helps us find powerful links, compare and analyze domains and anchor text. We discover which links would push our clients higher in the search engine results — resulting in more engagement and conversions.

Keyword Difficulty

To help guide the focus of our content, we love to use the keyword difficulty tool. We use it to do in-depth research on the current keywords that impact our clients. This feature also helps us see which of our clients’ pages are ranking the best, so we can adjust our content strategy to fit their goals.
Not only do SEOmoz tools help us help our clients, but we also savor reading SEOmoz blog and catching up on SEO news that can help us convert clicks into customers for our clients. To learn more about our conversion strategies, contact Fahrenheit Marketing today.