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Why A Content Strategist is Vital in Your Digital Campaign

Unsure how a content strategist can help with your brand’s campaign? Here are the top three reasons why a content strategist can boost your digital reputation and rise above your competitors inside and outside the interwebs. Your team can’t put their finger on it, but there’s something missing within your company’s website, advertisements, and blogs. … Continued

Unsure how a content strategist can help with your brand’s campaign? Here are the top three reasons why a content strategist can boost your digital reputation and rise above your competitors inside and outside the interwebs.
Your team can’t put their finger on it, but there’s something missing within your company’s website, advertisements, and blogs. These mediums are failing to capture or keep your audience’s attention or interaction. Feelings of frustration and jadedness muster among your workers due to producing content or websites lacking stickiness. If any of this sounds familiar, you should consider bringing someone in to lead you in the right direction. Well, there’s one type of expert worthy of calling, and that is a content strategist, or a content strategy team. They’ll put your worries to rest, for they are experts in ad campaigns, content writing, social media, and all things digital marketing.

What are content strategists, exactly?

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A content strategist whips your digital presence into shape using data analytics, consumer research, and marketing communications to attract prospects to your site and keep returning customers. Sure, you may know the ins-and-outs of your industry and your business guides customers to the right purchasing decisions, but expressing your expertise clearly within online content is the challenging part.
There’s very little time to grab consumers’ attention, you’re competing with dozens of companies within the same field of work and location, and because prospective consumers are viewing your work online, it’s harder to create a personal connection compared to face-to-face interaction. This is where the strategist comes in: through his skills in narrative writing, customer and consumer research, search engine optimization, big data analytics, and predictive analytics, he or she can help you effectively reach your customers and persuade them to make purchases.

Why Hire a Content Strategist?


They Are Content Writing Masters

A content strategist is a talented writer with the ability to breathe life into a business through words. By using their skills of storytelling, they engage your brand’s audience by creating relatable, informative content that personalizes the relationship between your brand and customer. By creating content to assist your customer rather than sell to them, you are seen as trustworthy and authentic.

Here are a few ways a strategist applies research to perfect your content:


  • Competitor Analysis: We first look to see what your competitors are doing and find opportunity gaps. We look into trending topics, how frequently competitors are posting, and how competitors organize their content. We gather all this information to find how we can think outside the box to separate from them while also staying in touch with consumers’ needs. What are your consumers’ needs, you ask? Well, we find that through consumer data analysis.


  • Consumer Data Analysis: After observing the behaviorisms of your competitors, the strategist will move forward to gather what answers internet users are looking for on popular search engines. What questions are being asked? What are people looking to know? This can be easily answered by utilizing marketing and consumer analytics tools, like and plenty more. The strategy team searches keywords that connect to your brand’s characteristics to discover what questions are surfacing regarding that particular subject. They’ll collect the main questions, concerns, and patterns and turn them into reliable content for your site and social media to drive traffic.


  • Keyword Analysis: Keywords are quite literally “the key” to understanding what the internet is demanding in content. Without keywords, the audience will never reach our content when they type up their questions in the search engine. By inserting keywords into your website’s content, search engine optimization is being applied.


  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): SEO is a content strategist’ specialty. It is optimizing the ranking of a business’ content or website through increasing organic traffic. The best way to increase organic traffic is to write informative meta-descriptions, answering popular questions in your content, linking to other trustworthy sites, having authentic sites link to your website, and using keyword tools to insert the most effective keywords that consumers search.


They Look at The Big Picture

Before getting into the details of your business, strategists begin by researching the core features of your brand before working their way into the deeper mechanisms of your company. Content strategists work with you to clearly define your company’s objectives, brand message, who your consumers are, and what they expect from a brand. From this information, strategists link your brand content to your digital presence for others to see your true worth.

They’ll Measure and Analyze What’s Working, and What Isn’t

Now that the strategy team fully understands your company and objectives, it’s time to make improvements. Content strategists employ a variety of different tools to improve your digital performance to measure, analyze, and observe your online success. Depending on your company’s goal, whether if its to increase brand awareness, engagement, or conversions, they’ll create the appropriate pathway in meeting this incentive with full-force. There are dozens of tools that we could list to show how we specifically measure your performance to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses, but let’s divide them into simple sections:


How a Content Strategist Measures: 

Website Analytics: Wondering how users are responding to your website? Strategists will implement website-analytics through tools such as Google Analytics to monitor activity and interaction within your website. Website activity is analyzed in three specific ways: acquisition, behavior, and audience. This information will tell us what’s attracting users to your site, and what they are avoiding.
Social Media Analytics: Strategists will collect data from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs, etc. to understand how users are reacting to your content, or whether they’re paying attention at all. Through this, they’ll find out what content is missing the mark and which content is getting raving attention and leading consumers to landing pages.
Marketing Automation Tools: The marketing world is becoming too grand to effectively personalize content for emails, digital campaigns, and advertisements to thousands of individuals. A strategist knows how to apply personalization tools to reach your audience the smart way rather than the hard way. Marketing Automation tools understand your target audiences and behaviors, as well as applying the optimal time to send brand deals your customers are more likely to take interest in.
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