Social Buttons Lead To Substantial Increase in Mentions

Fahrenheit Marketing in Design

BrightEdge recently published a study showing the correlation between social buttons and social shares by the public. The company’s data indicated that sites featuring a tweet widget / button received seven times more twitter mentions than sites that didn’t display the icon. This research was taken from the top 10,000 websites on the internet and this data not only helps companies realize how crucial social media widgets are on their websites, but also opens the door for an enormous amount of online marketing potential.

Their research reported that of the 10,000 largest sites, 53.6% of them have social media buttons on their first page, a .8% increase from July. Of these embedded social media icons, Facebook was the dominant force with a 50% usage. Twitter and Google +1 were next in line with usages of 42.5% and 8.5%. Although company social media efforts are improving, roughly half of the 10,000 largest sites are not taking advantage of these free tools, a problem pointed out by BrightEdge CEO Jim Yu.

View the full report here.