Tech Nerds Flocking to Austin, Texas

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The technology industry is hot and sizzling in the Austin, Texas area. Tech nerds from across the globe are packing up their bags, making a career move to the thriving city smack in the center of Texas. While the summers may be hot, the technology job industry is hotter. Austin, Texas shows a growth rate of 73.9% from 2004-2014, according to a recent economic analysis performed by Praxis Strategy Group. You can say Austin is the “next Silicon Valley”.

What makes Austin, Texas the prime place to live and work?

Work/Life Balance

Compensation in forms of breakfast tacos, no, really! Some companies will provide breakfast tacos for their employees, especially on Tuesday (which we like to refer to as Taco Tuesday). The technology industry is very high demanding, therefore companies are providing their employees favorable salaries, abundant resources, and office perks to help balance out work and life. Powerhouse tech headquarters to small-medium sized start ups all provide an exceptional work/life balance.

Energizing Lifestyle  

Shared laid-back lifestyles energizing productivity at the workplaces prove optimal end of the year results. Company happy hours and team sports encourage relationship building outside the work environment, and almost every tech company takes full advantage of these activities. The climate in Austin allows everyone to enjoy the outdoors for more than 8 months a year. What goes well with sunshine? Friends. It’s not hard to make friends, for the Texans truly display “Southern hospitality” towards their fellow neighbors.

If you have yet to participate in a yoga class, be prepared to learn. When you live in Austin and work for one of the tech companies, you will be surrounded by fitness and yoga enthusiasts. Who knows, your boss may prescribe you a weekly yoga session as an office perk for those who sit at computers all day!

The active lifestyle and the creative mind combine to promote innovative ideas for local and major tech companies that are racing to meet their end year goals.

Working Remotely

The Austin traffic may be bothersome to some, and the commute to work could cause you to rip out your hair. Working from home is another perk that more and more tech companies are giving their employees. With great broadband connection, a computer/laptop, and other necessary resources readily available, employees can easily work and still communicate with everyone from the comfort of their home. Here at Fahrenheit Marketing, the office doors are shut, the lights are off and we all work from the comfort of our homes one day a week.

Continuing Education Opportunities

Learning is a life-long process and some of the best learning derives from interactive workshops, business network meetups, and college campus seminars. Austin, Texas boasts opportunities to further your education with access to major tech company headquarters, nationally recognized universities and colleges, and hundreds of small businesses. The technology industry is ever evolving and will continue to grow in the future, especially when you pair up a creative mind (designer) with a practical mind (developer). Take full advantage of continuing your education while here working and living in Austin Texas. Who know’s? Your company may cover the costs of your education!

Life advice from us at Fahrenheit Marketing: Do good work, have fun, and make money. If you are interested in learning what career opportunities look like at a vibrant digital agency in Austin Texas, visit our careers page or send over your resume to [email protected]. We would be happy to consider you as part of our highly creative team!