The Subliminal Marketing Messages of a Thanksgiving Meal

Fahrenheit Marketing in Marketing

The many celebrations, holiday television ads and store window displays over the years have become the basis of the American Thanksgiving traditions. Marketing fuels the impulse purchases we make and the activities we engage in as we prepare for our annual celebration of gratitude. Developing a marketing plan is just like planning an extravagant Thanksgiving dinner. Each step is crucial in presenting the perfect Thanksgiving Day celebration, or marketing campaign.


Goals and Objectives (Expressions of Gratitude)

Marketing begins with answering the most important question: What are my goals and objectives? Before all the planning begins we must define the overall goals in order to stay on track with the rest of the marketing plan. Similarly, there is an ultimate, shared goal for a Thanksgiving meal to share expressions of gratitude with one another. This is the underlining reason on why we gather and celebrate on this very special day. Our Thanksgiving goal is to give thanks. Our marketing goal is to effectively reach the audience.


Strategy and Planning (Invitations and Hosting)

Once we define our goal, we can start planning on how we will accomplish this goal. Marketing requires strategic planning and must be in line with the goals and objectives defined in the first step. If our goal is to give thanks, our strategy would include sending invitations out to those we appreciate the most and preparing a comfortable place for people to meet. The details are prepared in advance to reduce risk. Hosting a Thanksgiving meal includes planning, preparing, organizing and laying out all the details, similar to that of a marketing campaign which requires a definite list of what outlets to use and how the strategy will play out.


Advertising and Promotion (Recipe Boasting/Sharing)

Spread the news! Share what you love! Tell all your friends! Advertising and promotion supports your marketing initiatives. How else will you get the word out about your new product or service? Creatively broadcast your business and communicate with your customers through the use of many advertising and promotion channels. How is this similar to a Thanksgiving meal? When moms gather in the kitchen boasting about a recipe they found on Pinterest, or in the Betty Crocker cookbook, they are promoting a book or a social media service. Not only are they intuitively advertising on behalf of another product, but they are self-promoting their own cooking skills. We advertise and promote all the time without even knowing it.


Mutually Benefiting Relationships (Your Family & Friends)

Marketing is all about creating a mutually beneficial relationship between two parties. It extends communication beyond intrusive advertising, and sales calls. The pure value of a transparent connection with a brand is what retains your customers, creating a long-term relationship. A Thanksgiving meal allows us to pour into each others lives of our current relationships with our friends and family, and may even create deeper bonds with one another.


Branding (Turkey, Football, Family)

Thanksgiving is branded in every sense of the word. It’s shaped through history, media, and family traditions. Families across America share a turkey, play games, and watch football all on the same day. Specific types of foods, decorations and activities is the recipe for a Thanksgiving success. A brand tells a story and is consistent, just like Thanksgiving tells the story of giving thanks and the traditions are consistent each year.


All in all, marketing and Thanksgiving go hand-in-hand. They both include the activities and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, family, and society at large. If you need help creating a marketing plan for the holidays, tap into our marketing expertise and creative ideas by contacting Fahrenheit Marketing. We’d be happy to consult with you about any of your marketing ideas for the upcoming holidays.  Happy Thanksgiving!