Our Top 4 Tips to Optimize Your Company’s Digital Campaigns

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Learn how to take your digital campaign to the next level by defining your target market, diving into social media marketing, and utilizing a remarketing campaign to win the hearts of potential customers.


Define Your Target Audience Through Creating a “Buyer’s Persona”

Your loyal customers have similarities which can be condensed into a handful of personas, known as “Buyer’s Personas.” Taking time in building these personas into realistic individuals aids in the process of finding your target audience.

One of your buyer’s personas may be Janet, the millennial mom, who’s in her early 30’s and learning how to juggle family life and professional life while adapting to northern California’s quiet suburbs; or perhaps Matt, who’s in his late 20’s, and lives in metropolitan New York City. He enjoys hands-on activities like woodwork and cooking and wants to join communities with people who share his passions to make this city feel a bit smaller.

These hypothetical individual’s touch on a few features such as age, location, interests, but there are many other traits you can observe about your ideal buyer:

  • Income
  • Career
  • Online Behavior
  • Demographic
  • Challenges
  • Goals

To easily find these characteristics, utilize Google analytics to determine the patterns and behavior of consumers who visit your landing page. It may take a few weeks for the collective data to present you a concrete image of your target buyer.

In addition to recognizing these similar characteristics, knowing how customers interact with your brand phase-by-phase is beneficial as well. One can track how their buyer follows through with purchases by creating a micro-moments map, or consumer journey map. The map outlines steps the buyer takes before and after they purchase a product. This chart helps nudge the consumer in the right direction to make a sale or conversion.


Don’t Waste Time on Social Media Platforms Your Audience Isn’t Using…

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Social media is gradually becoming a mandatory channel when implementing a digital campaign, and our digital team here at Fahrenheit can see why. A study done by We Are Social, a European company, states that over one million people join social media everyday, which calculates to 12 new users every second. The online world and physical world are intertwining at a shocking rate, and the guaranteed way in sustaining relevancy is through joining the social media bandwagon.

However, before stepping onto the scene, make sure you know what social media platforms your buyer’s are using before spending all your energy and budget on the wrong ones. It may be tempting to start posting content left and right to expand your reach, but are the right people viewing it?

Think back to our previous point on building a “Buyer’s Persona,” and consider what platforms he or she would be active in. Here are some helpful statistics provided by our friendly data neighbor Sprout Social to discover who’s using what app:



  1. Age: Majority of Americans use Facebook, with the exception of adults 65 and older.
  2. Gender: Balanced with a slight lean towards female users than male users.
  3. Location: Majority of users live in an urban environment, with suburbanites a close second.


  1. Age: 13 to 29-year-olds are the primary users of this app.
  2. Gender: Higher percentages of females (39%) than males (30%), while the other 31% are unspecified.
  3. Location: Over 80% of Instagram’s user base is outside the U.S., with a majority of U.S. users living in urban areas.


  1. Age: Most popular with people in their 20’s (40% users)
  2. Gender: A near-perfect balance between men and women (23-24% each), while 52-54% is unspecified.
  3. Location: Over 79% of Twitter users reside outside the U.S., with a majority of U.S. users living in urban areas.


  1. Age: 18 to 49-year-olds are the primary users of Pinterest.
  2. Gender: Females dominate the platform (41%) while men fall short (16%), while 43% is unspecified.
  3. Location: More than half are outside the U.S., while suburbanites take up a slight majority.

All data provided by the social media management software, Sprout Social


Lastly, consider what type of consumer engagement you’d like for your brand and pinpoint the most suitable platform. Whether it’s likes, followers, shares, or reposts you’d like on your digital campaign’s written or visual content, have definite objectives and stick to a small selection of platforms to reach the purchasing public.


Remarketing Keeps Your Brand On Buyer’s Minds

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Remarketing is subtle, but an incredibly effective way in allowing the purchaser to go full circle on their own time.  When executing remarketing into your digital campaign, you are attaching a cookie on specific pages of your site for the viewer to catch. Once the viewer “catches” this cookie on a designated page, the cookie will be downloaded onto his or her browser and follow the user around by displaying advertisements after leaving the site.

Through this digital strategy, you have a greater chance of gaining the conversion of a prospective buyer who has already visited the site compared to presenting ads to a fresh new audience. It may take some time, but the wait and nudging is worth the effort. It’s 10 times more likely for a consumer to click a targeted ad rather than a display ad, proving you’ll get more bang for your buck when prioritizing remarketing in your digital campaign.

Here are three types of remarketing to consider applying:

1 | Standard Remarketing: Showing display ads to past visitors on supportive display-ad websites.

2 | Dynamic Remarketing: Presenting products & services your past visitor viewed through display ads to better your chances of return.

3 | Video Remarketing: Showing display ads to past visitors who recently interacted with your brand or Youtube channel


No Beginning is Perfect, Test & Supervise Your Campaign

Digital marketing is a long process of seeing what sticks, and you’ll find yourself tweaking aspects of your campaign for weeks on end to increase conversions. The biggest piece of advice we at Fahrenheit can offer for your digital campaign is to never stop reaching. Your campaign is a unique representation of your product on the digital interface, and there’s no other campaign quite like it. It’s up to you and your team to supervise to find the greatest and weakest features.


When testing and supervising your campaign, make sure to ask these questions:


1 | Are my campaign goals being met?

Types of goals to be considered are brand awareness, an improvement on conversions, increased click-through rate, and considerable traffic on the landing page.


2 | Are my metrics showing success or failure of my campaign?

Determine whether you are receiving satisfactory impressions, clicks, views, or conversions.


3 | What online content is piquing interest? What content needs work?

Check which features of your digital campaign is driving a lot of traffic, while also seeing which content is flopping. It may be in your best interest to scrap those that are receiving less than what is expected.


4 | Is my digital campaign organized, or all over the place?

Check out project management software such as Workzone and Google Business Suite that will simplify the organization for your digital marketing campaign.


When it comes to digital marketing and web design and development, Fahrenheit Marketing is your one-stop-shop. We know what it takes to make your brand succeed, and we would love to share our expertise with you to expand your digital presence. Say hello to our team and let us assess your brand’s needs, and we’ll take care of the rest.


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