To Tweet or Not to Tweet

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When businesses dive into social media, they can be overwhelmed and confused. Twitter provides a very succinct platform: you’ve got 140 characters to make a point that will intrigue, engage and entertain your target market. Many times, businesses can get overzealous with tweets — either tweeting too often, about irrelevant topics, or far too opinionated statuses. So, how do you keep the balance? That’s what we’re here for.

Putting yourself in your client’s shoes is a good way to decide whether your tweet is relevant. Do they care about what the tweet says? Does it impact them in any way? Does it add something to their day? These are the questions to ask yourself. It’s also important to make sure your tweet won’t offend anyone in your target market, which makes your marketing research that much more important. For those tweets that you aren’t 100% sure about, save them for your own personal account. That’s where you can let loose and post the cute cat photos and political rants.

Be personal, but not too personal. You want your users to relate to you and understand where you’re coming from or find some similarities between your business and their lives, but they don’t need to know your complaints about the industry. Keep it light and endearing and stay away from any topic that gets too deep. You’ll be able to tell if you’ve gone too far by the mentions and responses you get.

Edit! Make sure your grammar is correct, your links work, and your hashtags are spelled correctly (and working- certain characters like “!” and “&” won’t be clickable in a hashtag) before you click ‘tweet.’ It’s important that your tweets make sense, otherwise you won’t be seen as a valid source of information. Of course, on the web using “&” and other shortcuts is appropriate, just make sure your tweet doesn’t look like a texting teenager wrote it.

Naturally, keep it relevant. Make sure you’re tweeting about your clients’ wants and needs, not your company’s. And make sure you stay in your industry. If you’re trying to brand your company as an expert in your field, it’s important to stay in your expertise.

If you’re having trouble managing your company’s social media, or just need some advice, Fahrenheit Marketing offers full service social media marketing and a free consultation. Contact us today to get started.


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