Top Three A/B Testing Tips

Fahrenheit Marketing in Design

The A/B test is a powerful tool we use at Fahrenheit Marketing to determine what converts users. Unlike most tests, it is painless since users aren’t even aware they are being tested.

During an A/B test users are sent to a slightly different version of a given Web page and their behavior is compared against the users on the standard site. On the new page, an element such as the content, layout, colors, etc. is changed. If the new version gets more conversions, it will replace the old page. If it does worse, it is quickly phased out.

It is important to test, but determining what to test can be tricky. A recent article provided tips on A/B testing, and we pulled out three that we think could help you.

1. Test All Best Practices

It is called “best” practice for a reason, but it may not be the best for your strategy. If you have the time and are in need of remarkable results, test out what you’ve always taken for granted as working and see what happens. Even test out your pages that are doing exceptional, and see if you can eke out even more conversions.

2. Test Appeals in Your Headline

The article stated that the number one testing commandment is to know your customer and knowing what appeals to them is part of that. Try to determine what benefits connect with them and test your biggest and best ones in the headline. For example, if you’re a dentist, you could test “Whiter Teeth Boost Self-Esteem” vs. “Whiter Teeth Make You Happier” and see which draws more conversions.

3. Wait Until the Test is Over

Don’t just assume your A/B test results predictions will be correct before the test is completed. The article explained that one single lesson you can learn from A/B testing is that it is difficult to predict results. Wait until all your results are in before making a change or keeping things the same.

At Fahrenheit Marketing, we never stop testing to ensure our clients are getting the conversions they need. To learn more about how A/B testing could help your business, contact Fahrenheit Marketing today.