Tumblr Overtakes WordPress.com On Hosted Blogs

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New data indicates that Tumblr.com has overtaken WordPress in terms of the number of blogs hosted on their respective sites. According to statistics published by each site, Tumblr now leads WordPress by more than 80,000 blogs with both sites reporting more than 20 million blogs.

The important thing to note about these figures is that the WordPress number doesn’t factor in the number of installs hosted elsewhere, which would probably put WordPress in the hundreds of millions. Also, it’s difficult to compare the two platforms because of several stark differences. Tumblr is like a hybrid of Twitter and a blog–its format encourages short posts, sometimes only comprised of images, videos, etc. WordPress blogs, on the other hand, rely more on text-based posts, and the posts are more likely to revolve around a singular topic area (for example, SEO).

Surprisingly, the number of Tumblr users has tripled since January, but the number of real users is unknown. A search for site:tumblr.com cialis brings up 608,000 results which could indicate that the service is becoming increasingly popular with spammers. However, there is no denying the site’s appeal as it has become the voice of choice for artists, photographers and curators of pop culture. Many creative brands are now launching secondary blogs to promote fashion trends, design and new products through visuals as opposed to a traditional text-based corporate blog.

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