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Pros and Cons of Low Code Development

As its name suggests, low-code development is a process of developing software or web applications requiring little-to-no coding knowledge. This practice is often carried out through low-code development platforms, typically cloud-based. With these platforms, users do very little manual coding but, instead, use intuitive interfaces with visual representations and drag-and-drop functions to create their products. … Continued

6 Reasons Personalized Content Boosts Your Brand

What is Personalized Content? Personalized content is content tailored to your target prospects through the use of artificial intelligence, data collection, and analysis. But how can brands optimize content for their users? Brands can engage with current and prospective customers by providing personalized messaging, links, and graphics to create a more distinct experience. Delivering the … Continued

Holiday Marketing Tips for Shopify and BigCommerce

The holiday season is just around the corner, and digital marketing experts recommend beginning your holiday eCommerce differentiation stategy creation as early as June. If you are getting a late start, don’t worry: we’ve compiled seven, holiday, Shopify/BigCommerce methodologies that can be completed in time for the shopping frenzy.  Our comprehensive guide to maximizing your BigCommerce/Shopify … Continued

How UX/UI Design Effects Digital Marketing

User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design practices are crucial in creating a pleasurable and consistent digital experience for prospective users. Without these disciplines, website navigation would be convoluted and illogical, marketing communications irrelevant, and landing pages dull and drab.  UX/UI designers are trained to optimize how a website functions from a user’s perspective. … Continued

Samsung to Debut Just-for-Kids Tablet

We’ve all seen it: parents handing off their smartphone or tablet to the kids for a fast, easy distraction. While there is nothing wrong with children using technology (after all, there are plenty of educational applications for a variety of ages), the drawback tends to be the fact that such an expensive piece of technology … Continued

Fahrenheit Employee Profile: Esther Bednar

What makes Fahrenheit Marketing stand out from other online marketing agencies is our talented team. Each employee has a diverse background and uses their experiences to help our clients convert clicks into customers — such as one of our content developers, Esther Bednar, who is next up in our Fahrenheit Employee Profile series. Where are … Continued

Fahrenheit Employee Profile: Sherri Phengchard

Next up in our Fahrenheit employee profile series is one of our creative content developers, Sherri. She spends her days developing strong content for our clients that keeps them up in the SERPs while converting clicks into customers. Learn how her love for writing and all things Thai keeps her busy at home, too. Where … Continued

The Art of Sharing

We’ve all learned that social media is a great way to spread the content we’ve worked so hard to create. Social media shares are like free advertising, but even better because people find endorsements from their friends to be much more credible than advertising. So how do we decide which social media buttons to include? … Continued

Fired for a Facebook Post?

For a few years now, it’s been common practice among employers to check out the social media profiles of potential hires before they’re brought into the company. But can a boss fire a current employee for things they say on the internet? According to the National Labor Relations Board: sometimes. The NLRB has made it … Continued

Fahrenheit Employee Profile: Julianne Coyne

Next up in our Fahrenheit Marketing employee profile series is our Public Relations Specialist, Julianne. She spends her days helping the world see how amazing our clients are through press releases and more. Learn how she grew up with a passion for PR and UT football and why she loves working for our clients: Where … Continued