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Samsung to Debut Just-for-Kids Tablet

We’ve all seen it: parents handing off their smartphone or tablet to the kids for a fast, easy distraction. While there is nothing wrong with children using technology (after all, there are plenty of educational applications for a variety of ages), the drawback tends to be the fact that such an expensive piece of technology will be at the hands of a child. It could end up being a pretty expensive distraction.

two business people discussing over a tablet

That’s where Samsung comes in: in an attempt to latch onto Samsung loyalists early on in life, Apple’s biggest competitor has entered the market of kid tech. The company has announced the release of its Galaxy Tab 3 Kids tablet in Korea this September and in the U.S. and other countries shortly after.


The tablet may come in three different models at some point, but every Galaxy Tab 3 Kids will contain a kid-friendly interface directed toward kids as well as educational content to appease parents. The tablet will be ergonomic and easy to hold for little hands and will come in bright colors, though it will still contain technology inside similar to Samsung’s other tablets. It will also have a front and rear facing camera.


Samsung isn’t alone in the kids tablet market- Toys R Us recently released their own model and the Nabi 2 Android tablet is also marketed toward children. However, kids are still eyeing Apple’s iPad tablet. According to a Nielsen study during the last holiday season, children 6-12 were more interesting in the iPad than any other electronic or gaming device.

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