Using Videos as a Marketing Tool

Fahrenheit Marketing in Design

There’s a wide variety of ways to engage your customers, and videos can be one of the most entertaining. In less than 120 seconds, you can make your customers laugh, give them important information, or show them how to use a product. Videos allow your customers to put a face to your company, and give you a chance to show personality beyond the written words. See some of our best reasons why utilizing video as a marketing tool works, then decide if it’s right for your company.

  • Product How-To’s: If your business sells a tangible product, or products, then why not create videos showing users how to use it? Either make how-to videos explaining what products are for, or showing how your product can be used outside its typical function. Interactive videos like this can show user why they need your product, and then once they have it they can refer back to your videos if they need help using it.
  • Testimonials: Nothing makes a user happier than seeing that other people like your business. Getting satisfied customers to do video testimonials to put on your site lets them brag about you and brings in potential customers. Video testimonials capture emotion that the written word can always grasp.
  • Replace Content: Videos are a great way to drift away from the daily blog. Instead of doing a 300-word write up, shoot a short, one minute video and talk about news, your product, or whatever else was your topic for the day. Keep it interesting and fun. Posting videos instead of plain text will show your customers that you keep it fresh and are here to entertain.
  • User Submissions: When you decide to hold a contest, why not make it video-based? People love a chance to show off, so give them that opportunity by holding a user-submitted video contest for prizes or discounts. Post the winning video on your site, or even post multiple videos that users are allowed to vote on. This draws attention to your site, your social media, and, consequently, your product.

Video marketing can help a wide variety of industries. It’s informative, entertaining, and a step away from traditional blogging. At Fahrenheit Marketing, we work with you to develop the best marketing strategy for your niche market. Contact us today for a free consultation. We’d love to get you more business.