What is Facebook Timeline? (Video)

Fahrenheit Marketing in Design

Facebook recently announced a multitude of changes to the website’s features and user interface including the brand new Facebook Timeline. In Fahrenheit Marketing’s newest video blog, Joseph Holguin takes us through Timeline which is shaping up to be one of the most exciting changes to Facebook since it was launched.

This new feature puts your life into a timeline allowing users to go back into the past, to a time even before you joined Facebook to fill in the blanks of your personal history.  Now, others can see your life before you hit the social media world.   They will learn more about your personal history, and have a deeper insight into who you really are.  For example, as one of the more popular functions of this timeline, people will now be able to see what you’re listening to on Spotify.

The Timeline has not been widely available to this point however, open to only a handful of developers. With the introduction of the Timeline, Facebook is hoping to push your content further, to the eyes of your friends and family.



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