Why We Switched from Bascamp to activeCollab

Fahrenheit Marketing in Design

For small businesses like Fahrenheit Marketing, it is important to have software that helps us manage web development, content writing, and  SEO using one tool. We used software called Basecamp for awhile, but recently decided to switch over to activeCollab.

Basecamp might fit other companies’ needs well, but for Fahrenheit Marketing, which has a strong emphasis on web development, we discovered activeCollab is a great match for us.

Here are our reasons why we chose activeCollab to better manage our clients’ projects:

  • activeCollab is written in PHP 5 so it’s easier for our developers to modify and build plugins for. Basecamp has a strong heritage in the Ruby language.
  • We host it ourselves, so all the content is on our servers, and still in our control instead of on a far-off server like Basecamp’s. Hosting software yourself is better for companies that have security concerns because of HIPPA or PCI compliance.
  • Price is very reasonable—just pay $500 once and you then pay $99 upgrade fee after the first year. Basecamp is $1200 or more a year.
  • Ticketing features is a must have option when it comes to development. Ticketing with activeCollab is not as strong as other software, but it is vastly improved over Basecamp. 
  • Time tracking is easy. Developers can show they spent 5 hours working on an area of a client’s development project, so the client can see what exact steps the developers took, which also helps manage the cost of projects.
  • With activeCollab, you are limited in disk space by your hosting provider not by your project management software.
  • activeCollab is a nice integrated package instead of a hodgepodge of different features.

Our web development team performs all the work here in Austin, TX, and doesn’t outsource our work to India, to make sure we give you the highest-quality web application development possible. If you are need of Web-based application software, content management systems, custom plug-ins, or more, contact Fahrenheit Marketing today.