Writing Good Content: A Must For Web Developers

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Good design? User-interface? Links, pictures, and appealing colors?  How about content? While keeping your website looking great and functioning without any bugs is ideal, your content is what will make your visitors stay and comeback with more visitors. The process of snowballing is an important one, because if your reader likes your content and feels the need to share it among his or her friends, your website will most likely get more traffic as more and more people link to it. This is snowballing, and it all starts with great content.

What do you mean by content?

Before you can get started on your content, you have to have already planned what kind of website it is you want. Are you a fashion blog? Self-help website? Or even just a blog where you share your daily experiences? Whatever niche you find your website in, that’s what your content should always focus on. Continuity is an important thing when you plan out your content; it can’t just be a random collection of bits and pieces – there has to be cohesion and continuity.

Continuity of posts and entries

If you have a fashion blog, posting your favorite outfits or outfits for special occasions can be your content. If you have a self-help website, you can ask your readers to submit questions regarding their problems and you will post your replies, either from research or personal experience. Sometimes, you posts will vary, like updates on your life and replies to frequently asked questions, but there has to be continuity in terms of your regular content.

Speaking of regular content, continuity in terms of a posting schedule is quite important. For people who can manage their time well, they can post new content during a particular day each week or every two weeks, while others can inform their readers that they will be posting content three times a month or so. Regularity will help your readers know when you visit your website and when they can expect new content from you.

Research: The big R

Especially if you are running a website that has a lot of informational content, research is very vital. Your content has to have good sources, and citation is a must. Avoid taking information from other blogs and focus on actual institutional websites, like domain names that end in .org or .edu. When your content is well-thought out and researched, your readers will notice and will want to read more. Making the effort to make sure that every piece of information you present to the world implies that you take the time to publish high quality content that your readers will enjoy.


Proofreading is a must. After writing up your post or entry, make sure to proofread it at least once or twice. You can even have a proofreaders go over your drafts for you. Again, this is the final step that ensures that your articles flow well and have no factual, grammatical, or spelling mistakes.

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