7 Low-Cost Marketing Tactics For SMEs

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Every small and medium business owner knows meeting sales goals this year will take more than just a slight marketing push. Budgets are tight everywhere, and you need to get creative if you want your marketing strategies to work. At Fahrenheit Marketing, we work with small and medium enterprises. As your online marketing consultant, we understand how crucial it is to create marketing strategies that will fit into our clients’ budgets.


Low-Cost Marketing Tactics for SMEs


Here are some effective low-cost marketing tactics that don’t cost an arm and a leg:


1. Conduct surveys


Before starting with any tactics, you first need to design a marketing plan. One of the first steps to develop one is to understand your target audience and what they expect from your company. The best way to do this is to conduct surveys about your services or products. For example, if you feel that starting a full-blown marketing campaign doesn’t fit your budget, create a brief questionnaire and survey prospective and existing customers. A company that offers online marketing services would be able to help in this respect.


2. Focus on Retaining Existing Customers


It’s a proven fact that attracting new customers is five times more expensive than retaining existing ones. So focus on keeping existing customers happy with your services. You can contact your regular customers, ask them to part of a loyalty program, or even invite them for sneak previews of your company’s latest products.


3. Ramp-Up Your Digital Marketing Austin Services


The online space provides you with a cost-effective 24-hour virtual storefront. Offer prospective customers high-quality content such as videos, blogs, a newsletter, and how-to articles on your website. Use social media to extend your reach. Typically, this needs to be a recurring effort, and it’s best to hire the services of a reputable and experienced marketing agency Austin to handle this task for you.


4. Utilize Multiple Advertising Avenues


Your commercial building, the sidewalk, and surrounding land are excellent spots to install banners and signage. Use moving billboards along with various digital marketing channels to reach your audiences. Create impactful digital marketing campaigns that will showcase your brand effectively.


5. Prioritize Public Relations


Media stories about your business are far more valuable than standard ads; the former confers credibility on your business. However, it can be a little challenging to attract the attention of journalists in a landscape of cutbacks. Build relationships with people in various media as that will pay off well in the long term. The internet marketing agency you hire would be able to manage this aspect of your marketing strategy as well.


6. Turn Your Employees into Ambassadors


Your employees will have contacts within their communities, and they can also help with your marketing efforts. You can organize fun events on your business premises for your employees and their families. You might get some valuable connections to collaborate within your business. These types of events become a great way to get the word of your products and services out there.


7. Give back To the Community


Consider conducting a charity drive or sponsoring a local hockey team. You can do some good for the community while generating goodwill among prospects and customers.


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