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As seen with most facets of modern life, the marketing space has been greatly influenced by technology. Before the rise of the digital era, marketing agencies utilized traditional channels such as print, radio, and television. Today, things are much different.

Digital Marketing encompasses all marketing efforts that use an electronic device or the internet. Businesses leverage digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, and other websites to connect with current and prospective customers.

As the online marketing space grows increasingly sophisticated, it’s more important than ever to partner with the right digital marketing firm. Not only can the right agency help with such complex work as data analytics, but they can also advise you on practical elements such as budgeting.


Since the rise of the internet, more and more of our lives have grown intertwined with technology. In the business world, digital marketing concepts such as SEO have been instrumental in building successful brands. This trend will only continue to grow stronger in the future.

1. MOST OF THE WORLD IS ONLINE - Today, people spend more time than ever on the internet. To illustrate, the Pew Research Center reports that over 81% of Americans go online daily. This should be no surprise, as smartphones, tablets, and laptops now give us unparalleled access to the internet.

2. EASY TO REACH YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE - Digital marketing is utilized to reach very specific target audiences. Using such tools as data analytics, you can carefully control your online presence. By reaching your target audience directly, you will save money on overall marketing expenses.

3. DIGITAL MARKETING IS ADAPTABLE - Whether you are dealing with social media marketing, mobile advertising, or digital display ads, online marketing campaigns are easily tweaked. You can always decide what works for you and make appropriate changes in real-time.

4. TRACEABLE RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI) - With tools such as Google Analytics, digital marketing campaigns are easily traced. By carefully tracking conversions, you can figure out what elements of your campaigns are working. With this info in hand, you can better optimize ROI for your marketing budget.

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If you are looking for the best digital marketing agency in Austin, TX, your focus should extend beyond the digital realm. While you certainly want an agency that is well-versed in all things digital, they should also balance their technological acumen with practical skills. Intangible qualities like honesty, transparency, availability and access to decision makers should be a must on your digital marketing team.

Agency Expertise

If you are considering partnering with a digital marketing agency, be sure that their expertise matches your needs. Not only should they have a mastery over the digital space, but they should also understand your specific market niche. This knowledge is typically something the agency will have to learn as no one single person can know all things at all times, but their past experiences will be a guide to you as far as knowing whether they have the know-how to quickly learn a vertical and hit the ground running.

Company Culture

The best business partnerships are based on more than mutual profitability. As such, it’s critical to find a digital marketing agency that meshes well with your company culture. In finding the perfect match, you will create a working relationship that maximizes productivity.

Account Management

When discussing a potential working relationship with a digital marketing agency in Austin, be sure to ask about their account management procedures. To this end, you need an agency that will be attentive to your needs and focused on customer service. Ask about turn around times, project management methodology, tools used, whether you’ll have access to decision makers, etc.


The best digital marketing agencies will clearly communicate with you on important factors such as project deadlines, campaign budgets, and overall strategies. If you are unsure of their qualifications, ask the marketing agency some difficult questions. You will know they are a good fit if they respond with clear, solution-based answers. Also, look out for canned answers. We have always found it refreshing to speak with people that don’t pretend to have all the answers. Not having an answer is okay, so long as your marketing partner looks into the question and provides you with a position in a timely fashion.

Listen to their suggestions

After you’ve done your research and believe that you’ve nailed down a specific digital marketing agency, see if they’re able to craft a pitch for the problem you’re facing before deciding to hire them.

From the pitch that they’ve come up with, there are a few things you can consider:

– Does the creative approach work with your brand?
– Do you believe that the solution is feasible?
– Do they have the experience to deliver on their plan?
– Are they transparent about the costs and overall budget?


There is more to a partnership with a marketing agency than profit. To this end, the best digital marketing agencies will listen to your needs and always keep your best interests at heart.

Fahrenheit Marketing is a digital marketing agency in Austin, TX that prides itself on a client-first mentality. Even more, we have the tools and expertise to build a winning digital marketing strategy for your business.

Contact us today to discuss your digital marketing needs.




Your target audience spends time online. In order to reach them and succeed in the digital wordl, you will need much more than a website. Digital marketing benefits your brand, products, or services by improving exposure. It allows you to create opportunities to send messages to your target audience. Digital marketing is required for promoting your website and brand in an increasingly competitive digital space where everyone is competing for the same traffic.

Our digital marketing team will help promote your brand, products, or services using different digital marketing platforms. We will create a custom marketing strategy for you to achieve your goals. If required, we can also design and develop your website or simply improve on what you already have. Our digital marketing strategies typically include SEO, PPC, social media optimization, marketing automation, content marketing, and other strategies based on your unique objectives. We will measure and analyze all the initiatives to improve the ROI month after month.

We measure the performance of all digital marketing initiatives we create for our clients. We use the proven Google Analytics as a benchmark and other software to measure the success of each campaign. We will periodically update you on the performance of your custom marketing strategies. The ROI is derived from the inherent cost of your campaigns. Our experienced digital marketers will also make recommendations to further increase your ROI.

Yes, we can. Digital marketing is primarily meant to improve website traffic and online conversion. If your goal is to increase your online sales, we can develop the right strategy to achieve the desired results. Before we build your campaign, we will study your business and goals. Our experienced team of digital marketers will create a plan that perfectly aligns with your objectives.

Digital marketing involves the use of many activities and tools in order to achieve the desired result. The most effective and proven activities that every business must use include search engine optimization, content marketing, search engine marketing, email marketing, and social media promotion. These are proven activities that build a strong online presence. While some are short-term activities, others take time to deliver consistent results. We will choose the right ones based on your goals and your customized requirements.

Digital marketing can help build brand awareness by creating digital exposure for your target audience. We will create strategies to spread knowledge about your brand and company. We recommend using digital marketing for building brand awareness whenever a new brand, product, or service is launched as well as establish brands that will benefit from the ongoing exposure digital marketing brings. In this age when almost everyone is online and searching for information on products/services, digital marketing is a must-have strategy for building brand awareness.

The website is the most important part of any digital marketing campaign. It is the platform on which your marketing campaign is built. Especially in the current environment, your targeted audience will conduct research on companies online before making a buying decision. Your website is your online presence and provides credibility to your company. A website is also required for consumer engagement and online customer service, not to mention, purchase if you’re selling online!

The objective of performance marketing within the digital marketing domain is to drive conversions, qualified leads, and sales. However, it is focused solely on the overall conversion and not the reach, impressions, and engagement. It can be made even more focused by promoting your products or services on each strategy including SEO, SMM, PPC, content marketing, and such. This approach is known as holistic performance marketing.

During the initial consultation, we will require you to think of your audience and priorities. This will help us determine the best digital marketing strategies to achieve your goals. An understanding of your priorities will help us better assess first steps in the campaign. Whether you have a website or not, if you want to make the most of digital marketing for your business, get in touch with us to discuss your business ambition.

Creativity and unique ideas can make a big difference in creating successful digital marketing campaigns. It is even more important to optimize each campaign to achieve great success. This means that we will test the smallest changes over time to deliver better results. We are frank and transparent about the facts. For example, it is almost impossible to find the ideal combination of keywords. Our experienced digital marketers will actively and closely monitor your campaigns to adjust and adapt to create optimized campaigns that drive the best results.