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Baker James is a Cannabidiol (CBD) products retailer operating in the eCommerce space. They needed a simple site that complied with some stringent requirements for this emerging market in the digital space and a new distinguished design.


With varying laws by state and federal laws (governing businesses that sell controlled products online to potentially anyone, anywhere), businesses must meet specific and verifiable guidelines. Baker James found itself in an emerging market for CBD products and in need of an eCommerce solution to these unique challenges.

Baker James needed branding and design work to create a look and feel for their website and physical presence as well. Pursuing a style that felt less Cheech and Chong and more like 007, imagery, logos, layout, and fonts were carefully chosen to reflect class, not grass.

Baker James needed an eCommerce solution allowing them to sell online meeting the regulations of federal and state guidelines for marketing and selling age-restricted products.


Baker James would need:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • A simple design that worked well on mobile devices
  • A feature-rich site allowing for a blog, newsletter sign-up, pages devoted to education, and many product pages that the client could edit
  • brand and style guide, logo, and color scheme to be used throughout their marketing


With many e-commerce options, Baker James worked with Fahrenheit marketing to find the option that was best suited to their business, including automatic shipping rates and special, location-based exclusions for their products.

Fahrenheit’s research included investigating age-restricted gateways and the exclusion zones for shipping. For their payment processor, Fahrenheit spent some time teaching both the client and the processor how the site is built and labeled on the BigCommerce platform to meet their needs.


Baker James had to communicate technical aspects of their website to their potentially risky payment processor. Fahrenheit was able to research all of the options that were available and communicate on the client’s behalf, answering the questions and allowing Baker James to move forward in this novel industry.

The style guide we collaborated and produced together blends rich, Full-Grain leather with the stark cleanliness of a laboratory. Fahrenheit enjoyed the opportunity to blend both the vibrancy of biological life with the pristine nature of medical sterility to produce some of the design elements seen across

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The outcome

While is a simple eCommerce page, its design and development took unique solutions and thoughtful considerations most businesses do not contend with. We feel good about our team members’ considerable competencies and uncommon insights. Fahrenheit is proud of the page we produced and our ability to meet yet another client’s unique needs.


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