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In the United Emirates, lies a high-end flower shop that is taking the market by storm. Boutique Flower reached out for a unique brand that would set them apart from the ordinary. We accepted the challenge!

The flower retail is a crowded space. Everyday new players come and go without living any vestiges of their former existence. After reviewing all the players in the space, we knew that we had to have something unique and conceptual to sear our brand in the minds of our potential customers.

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Our approach to solve this challenge came in the form of simple lines that would quickly translate into the visual which would become the expression of the brand from that point on.

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In Branding, we understand that our time to make an impression is fleeting. We never get a second chance to make a first impression. Our goal was to produce a mark that was very simple, and yet, classy. Memorable and also usable…on printed materials, apparel, etc.

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The final mark became a faithful expression of the brand: Elegant, Sophisticated, Simple and very Memorable! The client was super excited with the final product and we believe we accomplished the mission we set out to do. One more in the bag!

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