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Nok Recommerce requested a redesign of its website to better cater to the B2B market. The objective was to modernize and create a cohesive digital platform that is user-friendly and accurately represents Nok Recommerce’s evolving position in the market.

Utilizing WordPress and Elementor for development, the endeavor aimed at merging contemporary aesthetics with a seamless user interface to provide a robust digital foundation for Nok Recommerce.


  • Modern, professional website redesign
  • Improve user experience (UX)
  • Enhance branding cohesiveness
  • Meet critical launch deadline


The initial phase involved understanding Nok Recommerce's industry and target audience. A mood board and style guide were created using Figma for a visual representation of the desired aesthetics, which were then approved to ensure alignment with the brand's vision. Additionally, competitor reviews and market trends were analyzed to inform the redesign strategy, and a project timeline was established to guide the subsequent design and development phases.


A fresh, visually appealing website design was developed, ensuring a user-friendly interface and ease of navigation. Branding elements were refined for consistency across all digital platforms, with a slight logo alteration to align with the new design ethos. Strategic placement of clear calls to action and intuitive navigation were implemented to enhance user engagement. The homepage featured two engaging infographics to visually communicate the features and benefits of Nok's Circular Operating System. A well-structured project timeline ensured all milestones were met promptly, aligning with a critical launch deadline and a planned press release for a synchronized unveiling of the revamped website.

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The outcome

The revitalization of Nok Recommerce's digital presence resulted in a modern, professional website that resonates well with the B2B market. Improved branding cohesiveness and a user-friendly interface have enhanced user engagement, providing a clear pathway for visitors to explore Nok’s offerings. The successful delivery within the stipulated timeline, synchronized with a planned press release, maximized the market impact of the unveiling, setting a positive precedent for handling tight deadlines without compromising on quality. The revamped website now serves as a robust digital platform, aptly representing Nok Recommerce's innovative approach and evolving business landscape, thus paving the way for enhanced market engagement and growth.


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