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Generating a Provocative Buzz

In the competitive realm of product launches, creating a buzz is not just a strategy; it's a necessity. The buzz sets the stage, builds anticipation, and, when executed with finesse, can elevate a product unveiling to something extraordinary. For the grand introduction of Portacool’s new series AND their entry into the marketplace as a technology company through their CoolSync technology, Fahrenheit facilitated a two-phase approach. Phase One of Portacool's Apex Series launch focused on generating a buzz, laying the groundwork for a spectacular reveal at SEMA '23 in Las Vegas where Portacool has unveiled its new models in years past to great acclaim. It was only natural that Apex and CoolSync would debut here, where the Portacool name is as well known as the brand of a mechanics’ trusty handtool.

 We invite you to play with and read about the process of bringing this bespoke vision to life and how its careful selection exemplified a brand that is not known for creating evaporative coolers but for creating experiences that foster memories, for creating environments that bring out the best in athletes, for enabling hard-working men and women to leave it all on the table as they deliver their finest craftsmanship without slathering their work in the manifestation of exhaustion.

more engagement from interactive content
more time on pages with interactive features

An On-brand Visualization

Conceiving an interactive feature that not only captivates but aligns seamlessly with the brand is an art. Originally, Portacool asked for a countdown timer and curtain to conceal the new lineup to display on their homepage as a banner. But for Portacool's Apex Series, Fahrenheit Marketing envisioned a teaser that mirrored the refreshing and innovative nature of the product. Cold, as a metaphor, became the focal point – a visual representation of the cool comfort the Apex Series promised. The frosty window pane, an on-brand visualization, became the metaphorical curtain concealing the excitement that lay behind. We knew that engaging content was the key to earning interest and the growing anticipation had to be something as engaging as the CoolSync technology promises: control in the palm of your hand. With these in mind, and knowing that interaction fosters more time on pages, more engagement with content, and increased conversion, we were driven to deliver a branded, interactive feature.


Molding the Ice

Design and Development Considerations

Transforming a vision into a digital reality involves meticulous design and development considerations. Fahrenheit Marketing understood the importance of aligning the teaser with the overall brand message. This wasn't just about creating a visually appealing feature; it was about embedding the essence of the Apex Series into every pixel. The technical aspects involved in finding the right imagery, crafting HTML code, and ensuring a seamless user experience across devices required a synergy of design and development expertise. We would explore dozens of iterations of opacity, timing, image positioning, and overlays to create just enough of a view without giving away the full image prematurely. Finding and modifying the code to be lightweight enough not to impact the performance of the site was equally important. Our development team finessed and massaged the code to not only deliver flawlessly on the big screen (desktops) but also on small screens (mobile devices) that used a swipe action instead of a mouse drag and different images to accommodate viewing on the more narrow screens. 

Chiseling a Form

Delivery and Landing Page Goals

The teaser was not just a standalone feature but a strategic component of the overall product launch. As the frosty window pane feature was developed, Fahrenheit Marketing simultaneously worked on integrating it into a landing page. This landing page served as the gateway to the grand reveal at SEMA, capturing the interest of potential distributors and buyers. A simple form prompted visitors to express their interest, generating a database of leads leading up to the full product page unveiling. Silently, in the background, we would be working on the rest of page and video demonstration of the CoolSync technology that would be Phase Two of the reveal.

Filling The Room with Cool: Reception and Effect

The days preceding SEMA ’23 saw the teaser in action, strategically deployed through advertisements that fueled the anticipation. The buzz reached a crescendo, culminating in a wave of interest and engagement. The Phase One landing page, adorned with the frosty window pane, became a digital teaser trailer, setting the stage for the debut. The submissions poured in, a testament to the effectiveness of Fahrenheit Marketing’s interactive feature in piquing curiosity and capturing the audience’s imagination. It was especially important for the CoolSync technology to not only tell but also show that Portacool was making the transition into the digital space as a brand that elicits feedback from users and incorporates modern interactions into its timeless products. Finally, when the switch was thrown, viewers could see the unobscured product lineup and detailed information about CoolSync’s capabilities and the benefits of the Apex series, letting viewers imagine their lives enhanced by Portacool’s new offerings.


Expertise in Crafting Remarkable Experiences

In the world of product launches, Fahrenheit Marketing stands as a beacon of expertise. The Frosty Window Pane teaser exemplifies not just technical prowess but a deep understanding of brand essence and strategic planning. As the Apex Series made its stunning debut at SEMA '23, the success of Phase One underscored Fahrenheit Marketing's ability to design and develop spectacular interactive features that generate excitement. This triumph isn't exclusive to Portacool; Fahrenheit stands ready to bring the same level of ingenuity to elevate your product launches. Build a buzz worthy of your brand, hand in hand with Fahrenheit’s marketing, design, and development teams.


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