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A Calculated Two-Phase Go-to-Market Strategy

Launching a new product is a process fraught with legitimate risk–one leak and your competition may beat you to the punch. In product marketing, the first to market becomes and typically stays the leader. The way you unveil matters. For Portacool's game-changing Apex Series, the journey was meticulously planned in collaboration with Fahrenheit Marketing. It wasn't just about introducing a product; it was a carefully choreographed dance of two phases designed to capture attention, build intrigue, and then, in front of the right audience, make a resplendent reveal. Read how Portacool and Fahrenheit Marketing dazzled and amazed at SEMA ‘23 in Las Vegas.

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Setting the Stage: SEMA ‘23

SEMA, short for the Specialty Equipment Market Association trade show, isn't just any event – it's the stage where products in the automotive industry make their grand entrance. Portacool and Fahrenheit Marketing knew the significance of this forum and strategically aligned the unveiling of the Apex Series with SEMA '23 in Las Vegas. This strategic move ensured that the product details reached a captivated audience of industry professionals and enthusiasts, laying the foundation for success.

There, Portacool is a household name with immediate recognition and for a generation, the Portacool brand has been synonymous with comfort for an otherwise grueling work environment. It was here that the big reveal would happen. Having drummed up excitement with ads teasing the announcement of something spectacular, Portacool and Fahrenheit would throw the switch moving from our Phase One, interactive banner, described below, to the Phase Two, full product reveal and the captivating view of the new CoolSync technology in action. 

Phase One

Anticipation Building

Our journey started with a tease – the "Frosty Window Pane." This interactive feature, born from the creative minds at Fahrenheit Marketing's marketing team, refined by a designer with progressive vision for engaging web content, and then brought to life by our web development team, aimed to build anticipation by giving a sneak peek of the Apex Series. It was more than just a reveal; it was a carefully crafted experience that engaged users and created a buzz, setting the stage for the big reveal. The Phase One landing page existed on the Portacool homepage and Apex landing page as an interactive feature with a simple form prompting visitors “I would like to be among the first distributors to offer this amazing new lineup OR to own one of these for our organization. Keep me posted on progress, features, and release dates.” The submissions came in by the dozens! In the days preceding SEMA, the buzz grew as ads drove viewers to gain a glimpse themselves. Go ahead and experience the digital feature below. 

Phase Two

Comprehensive Product Page and App Reveal

As the anticipation grew, the journey led to a comprehensive landing page. The Portacool booth at SEMA was overwhelmed with attention as a large screen demonstrated the video Fahrenheit Marketing produced of the CoolSync app in action and the mockups of the first Apex units adorned the space. Innovation! The crowd loved seeing the app and the models in living color.

Logging back into the landing page they were now met with Phase Two of the reveal. Brimming with detailed product imagery and specifications, the landing page had become a treasure trove of information about the Apex Series. Fahrenheit Marketing’s video production skills took center stage, showcasing the innovative app through a dynamic presentation on a smartphone, bringing the app seemingly to life for users to imagine the app in their hands and the cool breeze on their patios and workstations. The seamless blend of web development and video production reflected the depth of our capabilities in delivering a captivating user experience. Now, fully revealed, the two phases completed a long and clandestine process of bringing this new technology to market. Fahrenheit Marketing was thrilled for our client and the rave attention that the unveiling we had made possible brought to the brand.


Navigating Product Marketing with Trustworthy Partners

In product marketing, secrecy and competition are part of the game; how you unveil a product matters. Portacool's decision to partner with Fahrenheit Marketing wasn't just about technical expertise; it was about strategically positioning the Apex Series for success. As the Apex Series stepped into the spotlight at SEMA '23, the carefully planned two-phase approach highlighted Fahrenheit Marketing's role as a trusted and insightful ally in navigating the complex landscape of product marketing and bringing your research and development to light. The success of this strategic unveiling is a testament to the power of collaboration in delivering impactful product launches.

Every product and new service, regardless of its size, represents a labor of love. Fahrenheit Marketing's team are experts at creating buzz and splashy reveals. We would be honored to explore bringing your next product to life with the same gusto we were able to do with Apex and the CoolSync technology.

To get a detailed view of the other aspects of this project, you can view our case study and experience the interactive landing page for the Portacool Apex Series product launch and learn more about the video production we did on the Portacool CoolSync Explainer video.