Happy Village

With over 30 years of experience in growing, processing and exporting Organic / Natural Products, Happy village is a leading processor, packer and exporter of Organic / Natural dried fruits & nuts and frozen fruits in Turkey. ISIK Tarim A.S. exports +16,000 MT (35 million lbs) of products to over 30 countries each and every year.


Happy Village was getting ready to launch their first fruit and nut bars here in the US, and they needed packaging designs for 3 of their flavors; the Apricot & Fig bar, the Cherry & Fig bar, and the Dates & Fig bar. 

What they needed

The client wanted to create new packaging concepts entirely from scratch based on their found research and product values and target audience. Because their main push for the Fruit bars was the fact that the bars were organic and only contained 3 ingredients, their goal was to create a packaging that would speak to active people in their 20s to 40s who pay attention to what they consume on a daily basis and have a healthy lifestyle. These bars would also be sold in Europe, North America and Asia, so it was important for the client to keep everything clean and easy to understand.

Package Design

Design Concept

Concept 1: This concept captures an active and outdoorsy feel. The most distinguished of the three concepts, we wanted to show real fruits, colors and percentages to show the actual components of the bars, and appeal to the visual buyer.

Concept 2: Kept the colors to a minimum, used one pop of color for each fruit flavor. Simple and easy to understand. This concept aims to portray the simplicity and cleanliness of the bars
by making ORGANIC the hero, using white space, and highlighting that there are only three
ingredients in the product.

Concept 3: Our research revealed that the use of free-hand drawings conveys “organic” and “clean.” Using unique typography and slanted lines, it gives the bars a healthy, active feel.