Powering The Future. Electrically.

Microvast is a technology innovator of Li-ion batteries, focusing on developing ultra-fast charging capabilities that have long battery life with superior margins for safety.


With the tremendous growth in the battery technology field and the high demand for more efficient systems, Microvast was positioned to storm the world with its innovative solutions but it lacked the polished presentation of its offerings in a dated, cumbersome and dysfunctional website.

What they needed

A professional, appealing website that encourages potential customers to contact the company for additional information, and provide easily accessible regulatory financial information for investors.

Website Re-design

Design Concept

Our goal with this redesign was to quickly and intuitively present information without any distractions. The nature of the business Microvast is in calls for objective design with high functionality as must haves.

General Design

Microvast's old website did not offer a clean and organized interface in which the user could easily navigate and access the information they were looking for. Additionally, there was no clear Investors section, which became a problem as Microvast is now a publicly traded company. High on function, easy on usability, and straightforward in design. That sums up the exercise.


The new website was really well received. Company employees and investors alike have enjoyed the new interface and how easy it is to get to the meat of content. The website is simple, clean and within 10 seconds, anyone who lands on it knows exactly where to go and what to do. Mission accomplished!

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