Mapping Never Looked So Good

Petrosys is the industry leader in mapping, surface modeling and data management software solutions delivering direct connectivity with the most popular exploration, production and GIS data sources.


Petrosys experienced tremendous growth due to the efficiency and accuracy of its product offering, though this growth and new alliances were not in any way reflected on the existing website. Company leaders focused on growth strategies and decided to leave the story for us to tell.

  1. Design update
  2. Content Strategy
  3. Creative Direction
  4. Development
  5. Ongoing Support


What they needed

Petrosys needed a website that would reflect the worldwide reach of its products and services. A website that would leave no question concerning their power and authority in the industry they serve. A platform that could be easily viewed in any device, in any country, operating any system.

UX Design
Content Strategy
Creative Direction
Ongoing Support

Design Concept

The company had previously engaged the rendering of fictional characters in its marketing initiatives, seeking to create a whimsical differentiator, especially in what concerned marketing materials and trade shows. Our first comps took these assets into account though we were not convinced that we had created the most impactful graphic reference we could just yet.

General Design

Rather than capitalizing on the fictional characters that had previously been used, we took a different route using origami figures made out of the maps created by the software itself. We kept some references to the characters throughout the site, but in a more subdued fashion. We organized a tremendous amount of content and resources to arrive at the final layout.


With roughly 576 pages of content to be organized and migrated, we successfully established the new website with breathtaking graphics, intuitive navigation, in a completely responsive environment.

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