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Top UI Design Trends in 2023

An immersive, engaging, and contemporary user interface is a key aspect of an enjoyable, online user experience, and users can immediately spot and pass judgement on sites who fail to meet their expectations. UI Design has gained recognition for the specialization it requires and the enhancement it brings to your brand and user experience. Trained and degreed designers are improving and expanding upon existing techniques constantly.

For businesses with a digital presence, UI design trends should not be overlooked.  With the flurry of competitive pressure driving digital advertising spending upward, you need the edge that stellar UI design can bring your brand.

What is UI Design?

UI Designers are in charge of bringing the blueprints and experiences that UX designers create to life. They construct these visions through numerous tactics like logically placing site elements, incorporating color theory principles that appeal to human emotions, and using spacing to create pleasing aesthetics. 

UI designers must place adequate emphasis on the individual elements that make up the whole user experience. They construct rudimentary components: the buttons, menus, and layouts, as well as the overall theme, in order to present a cohesive and enjoyable user experience.  Let’s dive into five innovative UI capabilities that you should be aware of in the coming months. 

iphone loading content using dark mode
two lines of bold typography

1. Bold Typography

In design, it’s commonly thought that less is more. But when it comes to the modern use of typography, it seems bigger can be better. The utilization of large and bold fonts, as well as scrolling fonts, is becoming more widespread. When used in tandem with compelling copy and a clear, brand USP, this bold design choice can grab your user’s attention and keep it on your page. There’s a certain confidence and aesthetic appeal to incorporating bold typography on your landing pages or branded materials that both embolden your brand and endear your prospects.

Designers are recognizing that dark mode offers built-in design principles, with clear lines, engaging colors, and separation of site elements

2. Dark Mode

Most phone and laptop users have a clear preference when it comes to dark mode utilization. Whether you are a dark mode die-hard or a light mode loyalist, Apple and Android have released dark mode updates, and email providers like Google and Microsoft have introduced dark iterations of their email apps. Designers are recognizing that dark mode offers built-in design principles, with clear lines, engaging colors, and separation of site elements. Users have also realized the health benefits dark mode offers, offering less eye strain and overstimulation when compared to traditional light mode. It may be beneficial to research dark mode design or create iterations of your designs tailored to both modes. 


3. Advanced Microinteractions

Micro-interactions occur constantly while we are interacting with content online. In UI, micro-interactions are defined as all of the tiny events that make up a user engaging with an interface. These interactions have four main components: triggers, rules, feedback, and loops and nodes. Some examples of micro-interactions are swiping through a carousel, reacting to a status, and watching an animation. 

While micro interactions may seem like an obvious element to prioritize, many UX/UI designers don’t place enough emphasis on them. When done right, micro-interactions delight, entertain, and inform your users. They can make a tedious tutorial tenacious or a monotonous landing page magical. In 2023 and beyond, these micro-interactions will become even more advanced furthering the perceived emotional responses and instant gratification users feel when engaging with interfaces and brands online. 

man smiling over his keyboard
image of computer screen with accessibility

4. Prioritzing Accessibility

While accessible design has always been a priority for quality UI designers, the demand has definitely expanded in recent years. Designers should strive to make all interface elements accessible to all users.

This goes beyond including alt text and closed captions. Consider incorporating high-contrast color combinations, consistent site elements, and voice input functionalities when designing a website. You should also be deliberate when placing and designing animations, as these may hinder interaction with or engagement with a landing page or element for users with certain disabilities.

5. Immersive Scrolling

User interface design is all about engaging a user and encouraging them to interact with elements on a site. Immersive scrolling is gaining popularity with brands and designers. It keeps users enthralled by a page’s content by taking them gradually through a scrolling storyline. 

Effective immersive storytelling should include vivid imagery, short-form video content, compelling copy, and interactive CTAs to lead the user from top to bottom or from beginning to end of the story the designer has woven. If you’ve noticed certain pages aren’t converting on your website, or your brand’s story could use a refresh, immersive scrolling could be a great way to further engage your audience.

laptop pulled up to a landing page

Work WIth Us

At Fahrenheit, we employ the best and brightest UI designers in the industry. We keep up to date with the latest UI trends and are masters when it comes to the steadfast principles of UI. 

Partnering with Fahrenheit Marketing ensures quality service that is tailored to your business needs. Our typical process entails open lines of communication and sufficient rounds of internal and external feedback (although our designers and devs are likely to deliver your dream site or application on the first try)!

From the first phone call to the final stages of website deployment, we believe cooperation fosters innovation. At Fahrenheit, we create beautiful designs, built for users, that preserve and accentuate your brand. When you work with Fahrenheit you get access to a full suite of services. From UI design to marketing automation to search engine optimization, we’ve got you covered. Reach out to our dedicated team of designers to schedule a consultation.

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