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4 SEO Considerations When Doing a Website Redesign

It’s fun to have a redesigned website that wows your viewers — but that shouldn’t be your main goal. The point of your website redesign should be to convert more of your viewers into dedicated customers. As you start the process of redesigning your company’s website, make sure you keep these four SEO considerations in mind to prevent your traffic from dropping:

  • Maintain your ranking: During a website redesign, it’s easy to lose ranking for keywords you are already doing great on if you don’t focus on those keywords during the redesign. When doing content creation for your new website, find out what keywords you rank for now, and those you want to rank for, and let that guide your content.
  • Keep your links: If you don’t remap the inbound links pointing to your old site to your new one, you’ll lose those hard-earned links. Take the time to redirect links to your new pages, so you don’t miss out on your valuable inbound links.
  • Avoid duplicate content: When redesigning your website, make sure you don’t repeat the same content on different pages. If you have duplicate content, search engines won’t know which page to focus on, and you could miss out on getting traffic to the page you want.
  • Test, test, test: Before launching your new website, don’t make the easy mistake of not testing your new site enough. Also, make sure the Web developers test it on a staging site, so it doesn’t crash at launch. At Fahrenheit Marketing, before launching any client’s site, we always make sure everyone on our team analyzes it to see if anyone missed anything.

We know what it takes to redesign a website that will convert clicks into customers. If you are in need of a website redesign, contact Fahrenheit Marketing today and set-up your consultation.