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What is Laravel?

Laravel is a programming tool used during the development of web-based apps to bring order and consistency to projects requiring lots of code. It can assist with writing, testing, and protecting data.  Its unique advantage is a modular design pattern. With eloquent and expressive language that developers can easily manipulate, your final product will be technically flawless and developed exactly the way you intended.

What is Laravel?

Laravel is a full-stack, PHP-based framework and open-source platform. Since its initial 2012 launch, Laravel has swiftly gained popularity due to its flexible nature, elegant syntax, and collaborative ecosystem of developers contributing to its refinement. 

Laravel is well-suited for creating applications that don’t fit the standard CMS model that WordPress provides for Pages/Posts/Categories, etc. It provides powerful tools for creating highly-customized data relationships and includes powerful, built-in defaults for a wide range of tools needed in custom application development such as: 

  • A flexible object relationship management tool 
  • Robust, database migration systems
  • Secure authentication
  • Easy background-task processing
  • Powerful data-validation tools
  • Much, much more!
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What is Laravel used for?

Laravel is used for a variety of web and application development projects. Some of its most popular use cases include content management systems, eCommerce platforms,  and web applications that require user authentication. Due to its popularity it supports a large ecosystem of add-on modules and tooling that extends the already broad range and flexibility of the framework itself.

Laravel is well-suited for creating applications that don't fit the standard CMS model that WordPress provides for Pages/Posts/Categories, etc. It provides powerful tools for creating highly-customized data relationships and includes powerful, built-in defaults for a wide range of tools needed in custom application developmen

How Does Laravel Work?

Laravel uses a Model-view-controllers (MVC) design pattern. This design pattern allows for scalable and responsive code development. This modular design pattern helps developers bring order and consistency when handling large projects with vast amounts of unstructured code.

MVC separates the application into three parts, the model, the view, and the controller. The model is the basic data structure, like the files in your filing cabinet that keep track of your company information. The controller is the logic that manipulates the data, like the accountants that manage your filing cabinets. The view is the presentation of that data, like your salespeople that explain your company to others

Laravel also features Artisan. Artisan is a command line interface (CLI) that performs repetitive background tasks and frees time during the development process. Artisan performs essential functions like data migration, database management, and code generation. Laravel comes with pre-built Artisan commands, but developers who require additional commands can develop them according to a specific project’s needs. This is one of the reasons why Laravel is an excellent choice for organizations that require swift and custom development solutions.

What Are The Benefits of Laravel?

Laravel has robust tools

For senior developers and CTOs, Laravel provides tools for dependency, injection, unit testing, tools, and real-time events. When you work with an agency skilled in Laravel you’ll benefit from these prolific resources, as they provide avenues for developers to troubleshoot and learn.

Laravel is dynamic

PHP programming is known to be incredibly scalable, and Laravel is no different. The MVC design pattern outlines specific pathways to create scalable and moldable web applications.

Laravel has built-in security

Cybercrime isn’t going anywhere. It’s essential to make sure you are protecting yourself and your browsers on your mobile site or application. The Laravel framework offers built-in protection from malicious malware by generating cross-site request forgery tokens for every active user session. This ensures that authenticated users are the only ones who will ever have access to a page. 

Laravel includes automated testing

Testing is one of the key steps in any development process. In any development project, an application undergoes extensive testing before it can be launched, this can take weeks or even months to complete. With Laravel, the time in testing can be reduced. Laravel offers out-of-box testing solutions. These allow developers to perform unit tests, test API endpoints, and run automated browser tests. 

Laravel is agile

Laravel’s Artisan CLI streamlines the development process by enabling web developers to automate mundane tasks and, instead, focus on solving complex problems. This saves clients time and money.

Work With Us

While our development agency is skilled in a multitude of programming languages and frameworks, we excel in PHP-based frameworks. As initial advocates of Laravel, we believe in its features. That’s why we’ve leveraged its functionalities to program prolific projects, for clients both large and small, across industries. 

If you have a development project in progress or an imminent need for web development specialists, reach out to our team to schedule a consultation. We’d love to chat about how we can serve your specific needs and grow your business with tailored development solutions. 

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