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Why Should I have Professional Maintenance for WordPress?

WordPress is an exceptional, custom-software content management system that dominates the digital marketplace. From eCommerce to portfolio websites, WordPress encompasses about 43% of all websites on the internet. We love to use WordPress, as it is a wonderful tool that brings developer functionalities and usability together to provide a flexible and easy-to-use website management platform. However, continuous software innovations, crafty malware, and unoptimized website inefficiency continue to plague website owners. You may benefit from professional WordPress maintenance. A web development agency can ease the stress of frequent updates and security concerns while optimizing your website’s performance.

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WordPress plugins are pieces of software added to WordPress websites to extend the features that already exist in WordPress. There are currently more than 60,000 plugins available for download, all with unique components and capabilities. Plugins are an incredibly useful tool when it comes to creating an optimized and fully functional website. They can increase SEO, optimize website performance, and provide detailed analytics. However, with so many plugins on the market, it’s hard to know which ones live up to your standards. Low-grade plugins can slow down your site and create security concerns. With professional WordPress maintenance, you can be sure your website is using high-quality, secure, updated, and reputable plugins.

We have worked with a wide variety of websites, from eCommerce to business pages. We can deliver custom solutions for your WordPress maintenance needs. And should your site ever encounter an issue, our team has likely encountered something similar and knows the quickest path to resolution.

Factors to Consider


With so many cutting-edge features, WordPress is an accessible, custom-website creation tool for beginners and experts alike. However, it’s important to recognize the advancements that professional maintenance can bring. One of the most convincing benefits of professional WordPress maintenance is simply the level of experience and expertise it provides. Fahrenheit’s skilled team of WordPress experts have honed their craft when it comes to enhancing website performance. We have worked with a wide variety of websites, from eCommerce to business pages. We can deliver custom solutions for your WordPress maintenance needs. And should your site ever encounter an issue, our team has likely encountered something similar and knows the quickest path to resolution.


You wouldn’t leave your car or home unlocked, so why leave your website vulnerable to outside threats? Without properly implemented security, your website is at risk. Hackers can ruin your business’ reputation by stealing information, installing insidious software, and even distributing malware to your customers.

Professional WordPress maintenance equips you with the tools needed to keep your treasured website, sensitive information, and valued customers safe and secure. Our WordPress managers are experts in the current digital landscape, and pride themselves on keeping up with and implementing security best practices. We strive to keep your website safe by insisting on strong password creation, daily backups, firewalls, and secure data encryption. With professional security solutions, we can diminish the threats of malignant malware and persistent hackers.


Why are daily backups so important? Websites are known to be finicky, and even the most experienced coders can accidentally break a site. Hackers are always on the lookout for vulnerable sites and may try to steal your data. Daily backups provide a safeguard against a variety of issues, from innocent human error to deliberate digital sabotage. Fahrenheit’s backup solutions are comprehensive. We store all of our backups in a secure, offsite location where they are independent and easily accessible. We also offer staging development, a separate site  for your WordPress website for testing, to reduce the risk of potential website breakages or crashes when installing important updates or implementing innovative changes.

Website Performance

You don’t want to be known for a slow and outdated website. Experts recommend keeping load times under 3 seconds to reduce bounce rate and increase your overall conversions. We monitor your website’s speed and implement technical best practices to ensure it’s running as quickly as possible. We speed up your website by compressing file sizes and images,  removing unused CSS, and using asynchronous loading.

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Quality Web Platform– Your site should reside on a secure web platform. A professional WordPress maintenance agency can vet potential hosting platforms to reduce risk.

Mobile Responsiveness–  Our knowledgeable developers can ensure your website is fully responsive and looks amazing across a variety of mobile devices and screen sizes.

Plugins and Theme– We can manage any plugin installations and theme updates to maintain compatibility and cohesion across your website.

WordPress Support and Updates– We ensure your website remains optimized by reviewing necessary updates and scheduling their implementation at the proper times to reduce impact. Fahrenheit provides reliable and professional support: if something breaks, we are there to fix it.

Partner with us

If you have any additional questions about WordPress or need assistance managing your WordPress website, reach out to Fahrenheit’s friendly team of WordPress wizards. You can check out our portfolio of amazing work.  We are here to help you optimize and streamline your online efforts!

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