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6 Powerful PPC Strategies for Online Retailers

If you are an online retailer, you know that you can reach a broader audience than through a brick-and-mortar establishment. However, even in the online space, competition levels are pretty high, and making a mark involves having an effective digital marketing strategy in place. When you hire the services of a skilled and experienced internet marketing agency like us at Fahrenheit Marketing, you can be sure to get customized solutions.

We always adopt a holistic view in all our work so that you get the best online marketing services. In most cases, this includes PPC (Pay Per Click) strategies. This is a proven, cost-effective way to build your presence in the online space while driving more traffic to your website. In PPC, you pay for the ad only when someone clicks on it. As a reliable and expert digital marketing firm, we offer a wide range of services to our clients under a single roof, including PPC.

Effective PPC Strategies For Online Retailers

Here are six impactful Pay-Per-Click Strategies that can reap good results:

1. Have a Well-Designed Shopping Cart

An online shopping cart is software, which facilitates the purchases of products or services. The three types of shopping carts are Big Commerce, Shopify, and Woo-Commerce. If you aren’t in these yet, you must check them out, as they are excellent for paid search and their design and offer wonderful ways to scale your business. They also have excellent support teams to back you up when you need any assistance. In addition, a digital marketing agency Austin can help you determine which shopping cart will work best for your needs.

2. Run Dynamic Marketing Campaigns

Dynamic campaigns are advanced features for multiple campaigns. With these, you can run several campaigns on a single website, and the dynamic ads automatically organize your site into groups customized to your products and services.

Select categories/groups relevant to your site. If visitors browse your website without purchasing anything, they will find relevant ads from your company on their social media feeds. This is called dynamic retargeting, and it helps bring in more profits to your business. As a credible and professional company offering the best digital marketing Austin services, we can handle these dynamic campaigns for you too.

3. Optimize Your Company’s Shopping Ads

Optimizing your shopping campaign is the mainstay of your selling strategy. First, you’d have to use a variety of e-commerce ads. Next, include negative keywords so that your ad doesn’t show up for irrelevant queries. Once you have your ad structure in place and set up the shopping campaign, the optimization work is mainly about maximizing your CPCs to the required level. We offer expert online marketing services to optimize your shopping ads.

4. Schema Markup On Product Pages

When someone conducts searches on Google, they will see rich cards even before moving to your website. These rich cards show product image-related information on the search pages themselves. The schema markup-testing tool helps you show up in these rich cards, and it’s something you need on all your product pages. Many of these things are technical, and you need an experienced online marketing consultant to handle them for you.

5. Use Google Shopping Ads

When you invest in running Google shopping ads, you can optimize them based on results, which you can track through an e-commerce tracking software. This will give you per product ROI visibility, and you would be able to how much revenue each product has generated. So focus on the ones that are doing well and turn off ones that aren’t to get the best value for your money.

6. Run Your PPC Ads on Instagram and Facebook

Today, most people have multiple social media accounts, and when you advertise on Instagram and Facebook, you can target qualified audiences. Use Facebook Ads Manager to create the types of ads you want.

If you want the best bang for your buck in your digital campaigns, hire the best digital marketing agency in Austin- Fahrenheit Marketing on this number- 512-206-4220, or send us your queries through this Contact Us form.

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