Fahrenheit Marketing

What is Content Marketing?

The type of advertising that worked decades ago doesn’t connect with this generation. People skip TV commercials, their eyes have become attuned to zoning out online ads, and they rarely buy magazines or newspapers. That is why another kind of … Continued

What is FahrenTrack?

According to a 2010 survey, 82 percent of Americans own a cell phone. That phone is used for going online, texting, taking photos, playing games and more, but research also said the average cell phone user still makes and receives … Continued

iPad Toys Christmas Wish List

The team at Fahrenheit Marketing is all about techie gadgets. Especially for iPads, since our Web Application Developers love making apps for them and other mobile devices. As Christmas approaches, the iPad related Tech Toys we found on Wired’s Wish … Continued

Fahrenheit Profiles: Brian Gumz

Next up in Fahrenheit’s employee profile series is Brian Gumz, one of our accomplished content developers. He was an intern at Fahrenheit and then after graduating from UT this spring, we loved his high-quality content writing so much he was … Continued

Stay on Google’s Good Side

With Google’s recent Penguin update, many sites are finding it difficult to rank high in search engine results. The Penguin update was intended to weed out sites using spammy, black-hat or questionable search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to achieve a … Continued

The Value of Social Media

One of the biggest debates in Internet marketing for businesses is how to gauge social media’s return on investment. Will businesses get their money back? If not, what’s the point? Arguments we’ve heard against social media include: “I don’t Facebook.” … Continued