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Elite CEU provides flexible, efficient, and up-to-date online training for security, fire, and electrical industry professionals.

Elite CEU’s multiple learning platforms make it easy to meet specific educational needs. Whether it’s online, in-person classroom training, or custom course development, the information presented is current and aligns with industry updates, regulations, and standards.


The old Elite CEU site was outdated, unfriendly, and the courses were hard to navigate. The code was hard to maintain, and the content management system was in dire need of modernization.

They needed a custom WordPress website with a fresher look and feel, a modern content management system, and an e-commerce development solution with robust capabilities to complement their brand values while catering towards an older demographic.


Friendly imagery, bright colors, and a gridded layout make the site feel educational. We highlighted the tools of the trade throughout the new site to communicate to the electricians, locksmiths, and other industry professionals that this was exactly where they needed to be for their continuing education.

Additionally, we created a custom WordPress website, and developed an e-commerce experience to accommodate single course purchases and large batch order by major companies. We wanted to keep the web development side as simple as possible to ensure their site is fast and convenient for their customers.

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The outcome

The new site is a complete reinvention of the user experience. Built with a WordPress content management system and WooCommerce shopping cart, the site is easy to manage, navigate, and use. Time on site is up by 23.4%, Revenue is up 31.2%, and overall performance was significantly improved.


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