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The Birth of a Brand

Being part of the birth of a new company is a particular joy for Fahrenheit Marketing. From logo design to crafting crucial messaging like mission and vision statements, a full marketing team informs the guidance we give our clients. When Holistic Planning, a financial firm with a full suite of services, was conceiving its company and launch, Fahrenheit was right there with them, well-equipped to bring the brand to life.

For Holistic Planning, our charge was to create a visual and rhetorical guide that defined a voice and style to their public-facing materials (most-notably their website) and can grow along with their business as they onboard new members who they want to assimilate into their culture. Most industries have a vernacular, and for some, using precise language is important. Holistic Planning needed our help as they not only learned these for themselves but prepared a document for their future.

Research &


How it Came to Be

When developing Holistic Planning’s branding guide our designers conducted thorough research on the businesses’ general nature, goals, unique selling points, asking clarifying questions, and collaborating with their compliance officers to create accurate rhetoric. We audited their written narratives as they assembled the content for the first iteration of their website, including their About Us story. Visiting with them in live meetings, we captured their voice and came to understand their clientele.

We found that Holistic seeks to liberate and equip their clients as they emerge from behind a “closed door” into a future full of financial possibility, uniting all the facets of a life fully lived.

This mission would become the foundation of our brand ideation.

See below how the ideas sketched on paper evolved into a striking emblem personifying this emergence as sharply as an arrow from a bowstring.

From here, we created a two-part identity guide with rules for visual elements and their portrayal through writing.
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Visual Elements

The contemporary, minimalist design of Holistic Planning's logo combined with a traditional, serif font suggests a foundation in established principles and connections serving as a springboard for ongoing, upward mobility. With dozens of iterations massaging the three-dimensionality, angles, and thickness/length of lines, we found a combination that appealed to the owners' sensibilities and will be distinguishing amongst their peers. Colors were selected to be easily recognizable, aesthetically pleasing, and represent Holistic Planning’s core values and mission. The dominant color is dark blue, which stands for the loyalty and trust they show their clients. The secondary color is golden yellow, standing for success, triumph, and royalty.
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Language & Persona

Holistic Planning is a firm of steadfast values that employs a traditional approach to doing business. While Holistic already had a clear understanding of who they wanted to be as an organization, they weren't quite sure how to convey it through branding. We helped bring their ideas to fruition. We constructed a synopsis of their voice, tone, and persona, aligning seamlessly with their conservative values and holistic approach. We were able to develop a rhetorical guide on how to use appropriate language in both written materials, and word of mouth. This included guidelines on how to use the right rhetoric, descriptors, and specific grammar reminders for special use cases in their industry. With their persona at the forefront of our minds, we also created an approved list of their action verbs and nouns to both use and avoid for their industry, location, and services. We worked with the client to craft and refine many versions of introductions they might use and send to others when asked for a quote, introduction, or offer in an elevator pitch that summarizes their unique value proposition.


For Holistic Planning, we were truly able to start at the beginning, taking an abstract idea–their motivation for starting a new company–and transform it into a unique logo, color palette, and written identity for their presence within a discriminating industry. The groundwork laid now will last Holistic Planning for many years.

This guide set standards for creating and utilizing visual elements in brand communications. It will keep Holistic Planning’s communications cohesive, high-quality, and deliberate in nature.


Our branding guide gives Holistic Planning the tools needed to cohesively and effectively position itself as a quality brand in a saturated marketplace. Holistic Planning opens doors for their clients, just as we can for you. Reach out to our dedicated team of graphic designers and branding specialists so we can build a brand you can be proud of. Possess the tools to easily convey to others what your brand represents while protecting its quality. Remember, in a digital world, what you put out to be seen can be forever found; ensure that you send the right messages whenever possible.


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