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When Holistic Planning, a financial firm with a full suite of services, was ready to bring its brand to life online, Fahrenheit was happy to take on the challenge. Our client’s name describes Fahrenheit’s approach as well – holistically understanding and brainstorming solutions for each partner company's unique requirements. With adaptability, branding, and usability at the forefront of our minds, Fahrenheit researched, designed, developed, and launched


  • Standing apart from a crowded field of financial advisors
  • Immediately creating warmth and trust
  • Autonomy to update their site
  • Integrating a scheduling tool
  • Designing and building hidden pages for future deployment
  • Deftly displaying their abundance of topics/services without overwhelming
  • Embedding high-quality video content


Financial planning can be stressful and convoluted, and Holistic Planning wants to change that, beginning with finding a partner, meaning their website needed to immediately put viewers at ease. We conducted a thorough analysis of their competitors’ websites, identifying areas in which they excelled and where improvements could be made. Finding most were spartan and bland, we wanted to lift Holistic Planning above their competitors in both form and function.

We strive to give all of our clients' autonomy in updating their services, offerings, and content, so we knew an adaptable website structure was essential. We recommended Elementor Pro for a WordPress site along with a staging environment to test changes within a practice environment.

At the outset of their company, Holistic Planning relied heavily on Fahrenheit’s knowledge of adjacent services, integrations, and plugins that would help them not only capture leads but maintain a marketing, sales, and service funnel, all of which would seamlessly integrate with their site. We wanted all aspects of this project to be deliberate so that the final product would help them stand out in a bustling digital marketplace.


Collaborating with the Holistic Planning team, we identified goals for this development project beginning with their brand creation, familiarizing ourselves with their customer, and finding the right tone for the website. Wanting the website to emulate its trustworthy nature, we distinguished the need for a simple theme with warm and comforting images, putting prospects at ease while researching often stressful topics. With intentional research, Fahrenheit found a visual language for the user interface, imagery, and animations to both comfort and compartmentalize information, drawing in viewers and keeping them engaged through succinct summaries of complex material.

Our developers created a technically-flawless and flexible website, allowing Holistic Planning to update their product and service page offerings as needed, create and update content for their users, and add any functionalities they may require in the future. We built content not immediately viewable until the client is ready to grow, saving them an investment when they’ll need it most, before an expansion. We incorporated a scheduling tool, making prospective clients’ path to conversion even easier.

The outcome

The website we developed brings Holistic Planning’s mission to life. It is fully responsive across devices, built on UX principles, and boasts an optimized and flexible structure. We are proud to have delivered a product that will help Holistic Planning establish itself as an expert in their industry for years to come. They open doors for their clients, just as we can for you. Reach out to our dedicated team of web developers and UI designers to learn more about how we can build a website that boosts your business.


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