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5 Reasons to Invest in a Shopify Theme in 2023

Here at Fahrenheit, we love Shopify for our eCommerce clients and web development initiatives. We value its seamless integrations with Google Ads, payment providers, blog support, and dependability. Shopify also offers thousands of themes for store owners and developers to choose from, and they have both free and premium options. Although free or prebuilt Shopify themes are great options for startups and “getting your feet wet,” if you are looking to scale your storefront, you should consider investing in a custom-built Shopify theme for the new year. With Q4 winding down, consider how a theme tailored to your brand’s goals could help to further your business processes in the new year. Let’s delve into some of the benefits of investing in a custom Shopify theme in 2023.

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1. Creative Control

Custom built Shopify themes allow for greater creative control. You can achieve the exact look and feel that you believe best embodies your brand with custom development solutions. Your eCommerce storefront will be one of a kind, which will help to differentiate it from the abundance of other brands on the market.

With a custom built Shopify theme, the codebase is created with your specific business goals in mind. Developers can consider your plans for future growth and design a theme that allows for easy modifications and expansions.

2. Functionalities

With custom-built themes, developers can design the specific functionalities you desire for your eCommerce site. Each eCommerce platform offers different features, so it’s important to decide which eCommerce platform is the best for your business. If you have an unusual business model or user journey, experts can build a theme that makes sense both aesthetically and logically for your brand and your customers.

3. Scalability

With a custom built Shopify theme, the codebase is created with your specific business goals in mind. Developers can consider your plans for future growth and design a theme that  allows for easy modifications and expansions.

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4. SEO

Expert programmers can ensure your website is fully optimized to work quickly and smoothly. Because pre-built Shopify themes are designed to be one-size-fits-all, they have extra components that may not be relevant to your business. These extra features can actually slow your website down and decrease performance. With custom development, you have streamlined code that allows for the fastest load times. Professional web developers offer SEO services  that include best practices such as meta tags, title tags, and schema markups which will increase your SEO ranking and boost visibility.

5. User Experience

Agencies often work in tandem with UX designers when developing a custom-built Shopify theme. These UX designers can ensure your eCommerce storefront has a logical flow, and intuitive interface. They can remove any distractions and ease prospects through the funnel with a design geared toward conversion.

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Do you have questions about web development, custom theme development, or theme implementation? Fahrenheit Marketing, based out of Austin, Texas can help! Our developers and designers are Shopify experts who have a wealth of experience when it comes to creating custom-built themes tailored to specific business goals. Reach out today to our development team to schedule a consultation!

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