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How To Integrate Shopify & GA4

GA4 is sunsetting Universal Analytics on July 1, 2023. While this may have seemed light years away when it was announced in October of 2020, mandatory migration is nearly here. If you leverage Shopify for your eCommerce storefront, it’s essential to ensure you’ve integrated GA4 to maintain proper data tracking when the switch happens. 

We’ve compiled a quick guide to GA4 & Shopify integration. Take the time to complete these steps and enjoy ease of mind knowing your data tracking processes are in place ahead of time. 

1. Sign in to your GA4 account and navigate to Admin > Data Streams > Add Stream.


  1. Select “Web” as the data stream type. Enter the website URL for your Shopify store and follow the instructions to create the new data stream.
data stream view in Ga4

3. After creating the data stream, make sure you enable the “Enhanced measurement” option.

web stream details in GA4

4. Copy the measurement ID.

5. Sign in to your Shopify account, and go to Online Store > Preferences.

shopify navigation menu

6. Scroll down to the “Google Analytics” section and insert your GA4 Measurement ID. Save the changes.

7. Test the integration by creating a test order to check if the data is being correctly tracked in GA4.

Once you’ve ensured your data is pulling properly, you should take the time to make sure that you’ve integrated all of your organization’s current systems with GA4. Ensure you’ve properly set up GA4 with GTM and make sure you’ve created your custom event tracking within GA4. You should also integrate GA4 with your WordPress website if applicable.

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