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5 Twitter Tips for Beginners

Twitter started in 2006, but even though it’s been around for seven years, many are just now learning to tweet. When you first start Twitter and gaze at your Twitter stream constantly changing with clever one liners and links from … Continued

Online Marketing News Round-Up

In this week’s online marketing news round-up, we are highlighting the top ten online marketing stories the Fahrenheit Marketing team has been chatting about around the office. 4 SEO Tasks Small Businesses Must Do Every Month Many small businesses have … Continued

The Art of Sharing

We’ve all learned that social media is a great way to spread the content we’ve worked so hard to create. Social media shares are like free advertising, but even better because people find endorsements from their friends to be much … Continued

Follow Friday: Web Designers

In this week’s Follow Friday, we are sharing some of the Web designers and resources Fahrenheit’s talented Web designers follow. Here are our top five Web designers who educate and inspire us: 1. Vitaly Friedman (@smashingmag) Vitaly Friedman is the … Continued

Fired for a Facebook Post?

For a few years now, it’s been common practice among employers to check out the social media profiles of potential hires before they’re brought into the company. But can a boss fire a current employee for things they say on … Continued