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Strategic Corporate Gifting Ideas

It’s impossible to forget the excitement of opening that present. You think you know what’s inside; you’ve made no secret that you wanted it over the last few months. But still, whatever it is remains patiently hidden behind the neatly folded paper.  Whether you like unwrapping your presents in a frenzy of tearing paper or … Continued

Optimize Your BigCommerce Checkout for Success

The checkout process on your eCommerce site presents a pivotal moment where casual browsing morphs into committed buying. The checkout is where consumers affirm their purchasing intent. For digital entrepreneurs, the checkout process optimization of their online stores is essential to increasing conversions and achieving customer satisfaction. Here are some innovative strategies to revamp the … Continued

How To Sell Corporate Gifts to Companies

The corporate gifting industry generated over 200 billion dollars in 2022. If you operate an eCommerce company that sells products suitable for corporate gifting, overlooking this lucrative channel could lead to missed profit opportunities. Q3 is the time to brainstorm and implement a B2B corporate gift-selling strategy. Who Makes Corporate Gifting Decisions? Before engaging in … Continued

7 Tips for BigCommerce Marketing

Millions of businesses leverage BigCommerce’s comprehensive suite of capabilities to create and manage their online stores, and for good reason: it is a robust platform with a wide knowledge base and plenty of ways to upgrade. Once you have your store optimized, you’ll want to get in front of customers using marketing tools. Many BigCommerce … Continued

6 Benefits of Custom BigCommerce Themes

Business owners will spend countless hours attempting to customize their eCommerce website with underwhelming results. That energy could be put into marketing, R&D, continuing education, or customer service. Knowing one’s strengths and when to seek the guidance of experts is a quality that great leaders possess. BigCommerce is a fully-hosted, SaaS, eCommerce platform enabling users … Continued

BigCommerce vs. Shopify

BigCommerce and Shopify are some of the hottest eCommerce platforms on the market. Millions of businesses leverage both platforms’ comprehensive suite of capabilities to create and manage their online stores. ECommerce is here to stay, and it’s crucial to understand the importance of eCommerce platforms for driving brand growth, online. When comparing BigCommerce and Shopify, … Continued

Pros and Cons of Low Code Development

As its name suggests, low-code development is a process of developing software or web applications requiring little-to-no coding knowledge. This practice is often carried out through low-code development platforms, typically cloud-based. With these platforms, users do very little manual coding but, instead, use intuitive interfaces with visual representations and drag-and-drop functions to create their products. … Continued

Holiday Marketing Tips for Shopify and BigCommerce

The holiday season is just around the corner, and digital marketing experts recommend beginning your holiday eCommerce differentiation stategy creation as early as June. If you are getting a late start, don’t worry: we’ve compiled seven, holiday, Shopify/BigCommerce methodologies that can be completed in time for the shopping frenzy. Our comprehensive guide to maximizing your BigCommerce/Shopify … Continued

5 Tips For Digital Marketing ECommerce

Life online is busy. Online businesses should be talking to their audiences, creating awareness, and staying front of mind to bolster their eCommerce efforts. Digital marketing helps them do just that, by prioritizing their customers and connecting with them in a genuine and honest way. While you don’t have to have the Best eCommerce Platform … Continued