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7 Ways To Market Your Dental Practice

These seven free dental marketing tips can help you improve the effectiveness of your dental practice’s digital marketing strategy. Organic search listings can be improved with the help of these tips. This advice applies to dental offices of all sizes, from a single practitioner to a large-scale chain. Learn about SEO, content, and email marketing strategies.


The dental industry is a competitive one. This is why your dental marketing needs to carry a clear message that sets you apart.

Create your blog post content so it’s tailored for potential patients. You can highlight specific services your practice offers such as pediatric dentistry, dental implants, emergency dental care, or tooth whitening.

If you offer discounts, have a credit plan, or offer free oral cancer screenings, tell people about it. People are looking to be informed and plainly speaking, In-depth, planned, and informative blogs get read.

Create blog posts that answer commonly asked search queries. People turn to search engines for answers to their daily questions. Providing relevant answers can improve your search engine results rankings and credibility.

You can turn these blog posts into social posts to further disperse your messaging through a variety of channels. Take each blog post and write a brief summary much like an outline you used to create for papers in college.

Post these summaries on your practice’s social media accounts, such as Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Business Profile. This will improve your SEO and help you attract more customers. Incorporate service-based keywords and relevant information to prospects in your area to boost visibility.

We’ve achieved outstanding results for our clients through deliberate SEO content optimization. Our case study shows how we helped an established dental practice.

They used blogging and Google Business Profile optimization together. This technique brought in 40+ new patients every month. Check it out!

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Like hyper-fast closing elevator doors, you have at the most, 30-60 seconds to grab your reader’s attention. Does that sound bad? It’s actually worse. You only have eight teeny, tiny little seconds.

A study by Microsoft has revealed that the human brain is affected by an increasingly digital lifestyle. This has resulted in people having an attention span shorter than a goldfish.

This applies to your audience. To cut through the clutter, you need to encapsulate your message, values, brand et al, in one brief view. Your page must load fast, be mobile-friendly, and resonate – all at once.


If your website is not user-friendly, you could miss out on customer acquisition. If you decide on one action item from this article, it should be investing in your website. Make your brand stand out by having a mobile-friendly website. This will put you a step ahead of the dental practice down the street.

Your practice’s website should be technically flawless, accessible, and responsive across devices. Incorporate link building in order to boost SEO and domain authority. Building trust in your practice will help browsers navigate your site seamlessly. This will also help to establish your brand as an expert in your industry.

If your site shudders to life, has illogical elements, or includes ineffective content, there goes your potential new patient. Consider hiring a professional development agency to ensure your website doesn’t fall short.

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#4: Advertise on google

Google has an 89% market share when it comes to search engine traffic. Many marketers build organic traffic gradually through SEO, while quickly improving visibility through PPC. If you advertise on a search engine, it should be Google. Consider creating Google ads campaigns tailored to your core offerings.

As a dental practice, your target market should be those living within a specific radius of your office’s physical location. You can create campaigns in Google that target customers within particular zip codes. If you have multiple locations, build out campaigns specific to each region. 

You can also introduce new services. These can be services with the highest profit margins or promotional services. Doing so will help you acquire new patients and drive revenue. Incorporate headlines and keywords tailored to your core services, relevant search queries, and local traffic.


According to Meta, the US audience alone has over 326 million users. That means a sizable chunk of your target market is likely to be there too. Besides creating a Facebook/Instagram account to promote your dental practice, consider investing in Meta digital marketing campaigns.

Create specific advertising selections for your target audience with ads, pages, customized news feeds, and groups. Consider the demographics, location, and personal interests of your target audience. Make sure to incorporate plenty of relevant and high-quality photo and video assets to make your ads even more engaging. 

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#6 Optimize Your Google Business Profile

In order to improve your ranking on Google’s search results pages, you should prioritize your Google Business Profile. This way, you can manage how your local business shows up across Google Maps and Search.  

There are several methods for optimizing your Google Business Profile. Consider developing a consistent cadence of posting updates relevant to your practice’s services. You can also highlight and update your products and special promotions.

You should also make sure to answer questions and respond to reviews on a regular basis.

Audit your existing listing. Check that all hours are up to date.

Verify that contact information is correct. Ensure that all links to your website are operational. Before you optimize your profile, make sure these steps are completed.

Want to gain a real competitive advantage? Long-term optimization of a Google Business Profile is essential for gaining a spot in the Google Local 3 Pack. This is one of the only ways to achieve this. This means your local business will be displayed in the top three local search results on Google.

This esteemed search engine results page real estate captures over 44-61% of all local search clicks. That means boosted visibility, and more importantly, higher revenue.

#7 Leverage Email Campaigns

A surefire way to keep a potential patient engaged with your brand is by leveraging personalized email communications. Consider structuring these email campaigns as a lead nurture sequence. This type of campaign is designed to guide a potential customer from discovery to conversion.

Lead nurture campaigns not only utilize time as a trigger for emails, but specific user actions as well. For example, If a visitor to your site downloads a guide on how custom-made dental mouthguards can help prevent concussions in kids, you can follow it up a week later with a message about discounted mouthguards. This way your communications are personalized to a prospect’s unique actions and interests in your brand. 

Our goal is to inform prospects about our service. We want to educate them about our service and remind them of it through messaging.

Finally, we use calls to action to drive conversions. Consider outsourcing the copywriting to a professional if you are a mediocre writer or need help crafting a campaign. This way, you can ensure that your campaign will spur action. We recommend keeping campaigns ultra-focused while including clear and concise copy, and creating a natural email progression.


If you need assistance crafting a successful dental digital marketing strategy, Fahrenheit can help. We are a full-service digital marketing agency that employs a team of expert web developers, content strategists, and PPC professionals.

As certified Sharpspring, Klaviyo, and HubSpot partners, we have extensive experience crafting inciting messaging through a variety of CRMs. We identify bottlenecks in our client’s marketing efforts and create new pathways to conversion. Sign up below to receive free weekly dental marketing practice tips delivered right to your inbox.